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I tried everything to try and get rid of plantar warts. I started out with 2 right next to each other on my right foot. They gradually spread and I had about 9 of them in different areas on my foot. They were very painful and annoying. I tried apple cider vinegar, duct tape, all of the home remedies, nothing worked. Then, while on vacation to the seashore I noticed that after wading in the ocean that my foot hardly hurt at all and the warts had shrunk down. I thought about this for a few days and after getting home I deduced that it must be the salt in the sea water that was affecting the warts. After I took a shower and turned off the water I took some regular old iodized table salt and sprinkled a generous amount in the just damp tub. I then rubbed my foot all in the salt, grinding it as much as possible. After a few minutes of this I rinsed off the salt. After a day or two of doing this I noticed that the warts were shrinking and didn't hurt. I kept this up, just once a day with my morning shower and am happy to say that ALL of the warts are gone!!!! It took a few weeks for the pits where the warts were to heal over but they are completely gone now. I do the salt treatment a few times a week just to make sure they stay away. Simple, cheap and effective...common table salt!! Try it, I swear it works!!

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I had plantar wart and did not do anything for 6 months thinking it will go away by itself. then it started growing and was painful.. i tried duct tape solution, banana peel, but the best thing that worked is bleach water. Dilute liquid bleach in water and soak affected area in water everyday for 20 mins. In a week's time, it was gone.. Best home remedy...

Wart Slaying Mom

My 10 yr old son just had a plantar wart (I'm thinking going barefoot at the water park was what did it) and the beginnings of a couple more surrounding it. After looking up home remedies because who really wants to watch their kid go through surgery if it's unnecessary, I found this site. All the ACV and glue tips sounded good but painful and made me nervous. I came across this salt comment and decided to give it a try before any other methods.

Thank you so much for sharing! I followed your instructions and sprinkled in the tub after his shower, making him grind his feet in it for about 10 minutes before rinsing off. At first it seemed nothing was happening and after a week I figured we'd have to move on to other methods.

Then when I had made up my mind to try something else, the main wart started turning black! I clipped the dead parts off with nail clippers and continued the salt treatments for another week. Happy to say after 2 weeks, it's practically all pink skin again with no warts to be seen! There is a hole where it was but it looks healthy and I'm sure it'll close up and heal in no time.

So, yay! Salt!


My daughter had a planter's wart. Every night after taking a shower we would wet a cotton ball, dip it in table salt, put it on the affected toe and wrap that toe with duct tape. The planter's wart was gone in six days. Once the planter's wart was gone, we started putting antibiotic ointment on the hole and wrapping it with a couple band-aids. The hole was healed over in about another five days. Sherry thank you for sharing! Easy and painless! :-) (I'm sharing this on my Facebook page.)


I am trying to get rid of my daughter's plantar wart for a month now. After trying duofilm, n duct tape, I am now on the salt treatment and I really hope this works coz frankly it is a bit tiring. But we are determined to get the ###& out. The salt treatment was started last week, so basically a week has passed, but I can still see the black spots on her wart. Does anyone know how much longer do I have to continue to the salt procedure to see results? thank you!

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