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David Massey Jr.

I must stress that it is VITAL that you do NOT pinch your ear and blow your nose, this is a very bad method. It may work to unclog your ears, but your ears are connected to your nasal cavity and throat. If you decide to pinch your nose and blow it, you will put a large amount of air pressure in your ear which can cause your eardrums to rupture and damage the nerves that are located in your cochela. Your cochela is in your inner ear and your auditory tube connects your inner ear with your throat and nasal cavities. If you blow your nose while pinching it you will cause air to rush up the auditory tube into your middle and inner ear which can seriously damage your ears. I'm posting this because in many areas, it is posted to use this dangerous method, unfortunately I do not have a home remedy for this issue. The causes of clogged ears can be due to fluid build up or allergies (the cause of mine is from allergies). The best way to deal with this is to let time heal it. Your ears won't be like this forever. I suppose the other method that may be useful is to put a heating pad under your ear while you sleep. I don't suppose that there are any hazards to this solution. It seems that it would loosen up any viscous fluid in the ear if that is, in fact, the cause. The main causes that I would assume would be either a viscous fluid in the ear, an infection, or swelling in the ear. If you can resolve one of the three causes, then you can resolve your issue. The topic of a clogged ear is a bit vague to be looking for remedies for. To solve any issue it is vital to find the root of the problem, not a solution to a vague problem. If you always look for a solution before understanding the underlying issues you will never solve your problems.

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Thank you for the comment. I did the pinch my nose and blow when i was younger and can probably tribute my bad hearing to that today.


Very interesting. On my last airplane ride. I did that to up pop my ears. Since I have been back, having trouble with teeth and now one ear being clogged. I will remember not to clear my ears like that on a plane again.


My doctor actual told me to do that in the shower.


Thanks for this advice i read it after trying to blow my nose so i hope my ear didnt rupture..

nicki b

pinch your ear and blow your nose??? im sure that wud do nothing but clear an unblocked nose ...pinching ur ear at the same time wud surely just make it akward...:-


My Dr. says to Gently blow and that your ears will let you know when you have blown enough. He does it all the time. In fact he has done it so much that he no longer needs to hold his nose.

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