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Jason X the 3rd

If you have a clogged up ear, just add proxide in it, make sure you hear crackles.

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I'm still deaf, what can I do? Please help!!


this has worked for me since i was a lil kid and i use it on my kids..


Marijuana is the best solution i have found. It will not assist in the ear unstopping process, but i find myself to get so stoned that i forget about it completely. This works 100% of the time.


God SUCKS! People should not have maladies. HATE GOD! Take away his power.

Jeepers Creepers

'The Mayo Clinic's health newsletter has published an article saying that hydrogen peroxide does not belong in anyone's medicine cabinet and should not be used in or on your body at all. It should not be poured into the ear, you should not gargle with it to get rid of a sore throat, and you shouldn't even use it to disinfect a cut. According to the Mayo Clinic, hydrogen peroxide actually harms tissues, rather than healing them.'

What a liar and a stupid fool you are. Go to the Mayo Clinic website and search for EAR WAX. Read all of the pages and you'll see, in fact, PEROXIDE IS RECOMMENDED you fool.

So stop spreading your vegetable eating, soy-milk drinking, non-armpit-washing whore-boy lies to those of us that have more than half a brain, unlike yourself.



OMG, I have been battling ear problems for fortty years, Home remedies have done 2,000 times more for me then my many 'specialists'ever did.
You say to ask a Dr. how bad Peroxide is for your ears, I beg you to ask a Dr. about ear candleing...I jumped on that band wagon years ago and I wont bash your trade and beliefs here on this public site but I will say I lost 50% of my hearing in one ear that day. PERMANENT!!!!

Do not EVER put peroxide in your ear! It is water based and some of the water will be retained by the ear. (ask any doctor) Use my ear candle method. It has a 100% satisfaction rate and a 100% money back guarantee. You CAN'T go wrong with that!!!!!!!


Beware of bad manners and overstated 'facts'.

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