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Jason X the 3rd

If you have a clogged up ear, just add proxide in it, make sure you hear crackles.

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do I have this rid of fluid in the ear...ADD fluid??


Peroxide usually works for me. The key is the syringe to suck out the peroxide. It will also loosen any wax that may be holding in any fluid that is clogging the ear in the first place.


Do not EVER put peroxide in your ear! It is water based and some of the water will be retained by the ear. (ask any doctor) Use my ear candle method. It has a 100% satisfaction rate and a 100% money back guarantee. You CAN'T go wrong with that!!!!!!!


those of us with serious otitis media (inner ear infection) are dealing with a different problem all together. most of us have tried the peroxide trick. peroxide works for ear wax issues but does nothing to address otitis media. ear candles are a complete alternative health scam. the heat doesn't get down (heat rises, remember?) to the bottom of the ear canal and even if it did there isn't enough of a vaccuum created to lift it out. the orangish wax that builds up is charred wax from the candle that has actually trickled down to the ear end of the candle. i also laugh at the sudafed recomendation that doctors always spit out. does nothing.

every single time i get a cold ear infections set in as the cold fades. i've tried everything. i've tried not to use excessive force blowing my nose throughout the cold. i've slept face down to address my doctors other brilliand assumption that my eustacian tubes are at more shallow angle than those of the average person. i've tried all the above. i've tried warm olive oil drops. i've tried grapefruit seed extract drops. i've tried steam. i've gargled salt water. this time around i did salt solution nasal irrigation as the cold set in.

nothing works.

i'm today is day two and i've got 8-10 more days to go as is the normal course.

i feel like there must be something. but i've scoured every internet site and alt med book.

do most of you have allergies also? i do and when i get the cold my (ever so slight) defenses to my allergies go out the window. i don't know if that's what makes it so sever or what.


THe person who has allergies and had tried everything to solve the congested ear problem. I am with you. I have made appointments with an ENTs, general docs, and allergists. My allergist gave me nose sprays that tend to keep my nose clear, but not my ears. I went to a sinus specialist and by the time i got to him, i felt absolutely fine, so he couldnt help me. I thought i was cured when i hadnt had a cold/ear ache in two months. But of course, it came back yesterday. I expect for it to last about 10 days. thats what usually happens. I made an appt with an ear specialist, so we will see what he has to say, which will probably be nothing.
Sudafed sometimes does help me. Just the plain little red pills that they have behind the pharmists desk sometimes works. Not that new Sudafed PE stuff.

If you have any other suggestions let me know. I can take what ever i can get.


I have to say, my allergies do seems to get worse when I have a cold. Sometimes my allergies can TRIGGER a cold! That's what happened this time. My husband and I were out trying to get a tree cut down in our yard, and it was windy. It's spring. Worse time for me. I started sneezing, my eyes are itchy, and I woke up this morning very stuffy and my left ear all stopped up. I had it so bad when I was pregnant with our last child that I couldn'thear over the phone and everone talking face to face with me sounded like they were talking to me while I was under water. Only thing that helped, to any extent, was Alka Seltzer cold and flu. As it dizzolves and is a fizzy liquid, it started working FAST to at least make things less painful, and over time it actually seemed to help. I just wish there was something OTHER than sudafed as it makes me either want to climb the walls or pull my hair out, or I get sleepy but VERY restless. And here I have music finals coming up at the end of this upcoming week....


That was a dumb idea to use peroxide it made my ear congestion worst.


My left ear is clogged. I went to the doctor because I am flying to NY in 2 days. Needless to say, the doctor told me my ear was badly infected. She game me a 3 day antibotic and I'm going back to see her the day I'm leaving. She also said to take sudefed. I have 2 days left before I get on a plane and I need to unclog my ear otherwise the plane may erupt my ear drum. Any ideas???


if you use a very little bit of baby oil put in you ear befor a shower are swin the water will roll right out this dose work my little one always had ear truble untill i tried that


what if i dont have peroxide

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