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Jason X the 3rd

If you have a clogged up ear, just add proxide in it, make sure you hear crackles.

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i tried it and it did not work




did it before i ever came to the site and it didn't work, thats why i was here. lol.


It doesn't work. It is great for loosening up the wax before having the ear irrigated.


Glad to hear that it didn't work! Does anyone have any suggestions??????




DID NOT WORK!!! I have a good!


Spelling is PEROXIDE. My books say do NOT use it in your ears. Great for using in your mouth, half water/half peroxide, for usual sore places. Like from eating popcorn and a hull cuts your gums. Or maybe a canker sore. These will be helped in 2 days or so. Don't overuse this though. You can burn your mouth tissue.
Wish it would or could be useful for ears! My right ear is clogged from a cold and I am miserable, and trying to find some way to clear it up. One comment here was to go to a doctor. I would , but I don't believe being charged 90 bucks will help my ear.


I just went to the doctor's. Take Sudafed.

Luna Luke

It DOES WORK when done properly. You should let it soak in your ear for 5-10 minutes, massaging the ear canal so the peroxide can get down deep. Then, take a baby nose plunger with a long nozzle, and suck out the peroxide. Keep up the suction process until all the earwax comes out. You may have to do this several time per ear. Finish with a Q-tip to soak up any excess moisture. This will help. Peroxide alone does nothing.

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