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Black Tea bags works!!!!....

Like all, I have a bad cavity, thus, bad toothache....found your site...this is what I did...

I started off, taking ibuprofen..4-200 caplets..gently brush the tooth area with toothpaste that had peroxide, and baking soda... also after this...poured peroxide on my toothbrush and gently placed it on the aching tooth.... still had the slight aching pain...(ibuprofen...gave me a little relief) and had drank a cup of black hot tea...kept on reading your site for remedies...saw the tea bag remedy..but thought, no..keep looking for something I gave up still in I took and tea bag from my cup of tea....and tried to bite on hurts...wrong way... read again, and did right....took a new black tea bag, moisten it at the kitchen facet...and bit on it...the cavity area,,a little ache again...reread, and now...noticed that I needed to place the tea bag...inside my mouth, by my gum area... and works... apparently, Black Tea bags...
.Tea is full of tannic acid, this is an astringent and relieves a pain and helps healing.

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Ok I finally found absolute relief for this wretched toothache when absolutely nothing else worked and I don't have any castor oil left.

I poured some cayenne pepper powder in the palm of my hand, wet a cotton bud in a little water, dabbed it in the cayenne pepper and put dollops of it over and around the tooth and gums.

Pain gone in less than 5 minutes. And it's not as hot as you might think; definitely bearable.

Carmencita Esters

It do work I feel so much better thank you...


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! i have had very bad tooth ache that has kept me up for the past month. ive tried motrin and tylonol and still not enough releif. after trying the teabag once after a minute it worked better than any painrelief has ever helped!

saqiba jogezai

i had a bad pain in my teeth becuase of hole in my teeth so at night time i suddenly wake up due to pain i visit this website n found a home remedy comment on tea bag as the tea bag is not found yet in my home i took 1 tea spoon open black tea n boil in the water and filter through sieve n put the filtrate of black tea and took a sip of this filtrate and hold in my teeth pain area and try again n again for 4 to 5 times it much much better and get better relief...Tea contain a caffine it is active


Tea bags really works!

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