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I went to the doctor yesterday and was told I have gh 2. My husband was unfaithful while on his military base, and I contracted it. I have been reading everyone's posts, and I must say I am sooo glad I found this site. I went to the doctor for treatment for a uti, and just assumed the bumps were related to that. After a pelvic exam, I was told otherwise. I have tried vagisil wipes, baby powder, neither helped. The aloe vera helped with the pain for a little while. I also tried a cold compress, which helped for a few minutes. I am running an epsom salt bath right now in hopes it will ease the pain. I am in so much pain I can't sit down, and it hurts to stand up. Urinating is possibly the worst pain I have ever felt. If anyone has any other tips, please let me know! My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has this horrible disease.

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Call if u need to talk to some one 803-261-5542


OK. i just tried this today and it works. just try it for me kk????
GET SOME orajel from any store such as rite aid or something. you can get some orajel in the toothpaste section or just ask the person who works there. put some orajel on it right before you go pee if you have sores on the outside or in. IT WORKS. orajel is for your mouth but they say i think that your vagina uses the same skin type as your mouth. it works. and if you want it also to go away faster get some cortizone 10 ointment and put it right over for it to heal better. its the best thing i ever done and i will use it for the rest of my life. :) hope it helps. send my email and tell me if it works for you. its supposed to numb the spot (orajel) and it works great. put it on and wait a few seconds before you pee. but like it says only apply it before you pee. not all day. :) HOPE YOU LOVE IT. btw im 16 and just found out i had gh just 2 days ago.~~~


Add a 3rd cup o bleach 2 a hot bath n soak 4 15 min rinse of in the shower well after use cool air 2 dry (fan) apply bag balm w a qtip then put on cotton boxers it'll help


They are HORRIBLE, and for life? gutted. I'm finding coldsore treatments good, peeing in the bath the best way, salts a life saver. There are so many of us out there it shouldn't have such stigma attached. Today I get to tell my new boyfriend, it just gets better. I appreciated your posative post

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