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I don't really have a remedy for preventing migraines, but I do have a couple suggestions for dealing with the pain. I actually feel one coming on right now, so I am on this page, and eating a can of pineapple - so I will let you know if that works. I am currently on amtriptyline (which I was told is an anti-depressant) but it has been working wonderfully up until this point. 50mg a day and it has warded off my migraines for almost 2 months. I was avoiding any meds because I didn't like the idea, but then my migraines were averaging two a week - and there was just no choice - I am sure my job was starting to think I was a huge slacker. Any how, my husband has been doing a lot of research because he hates me being on meds as well. THE BIGGEST life saver I have found once you already get a migraine is meditation. This may sound crazy, to think you could be calm with a migraine, but if you can get your body calm you can then fall asleep and meditation puts you in the kind of sleep where you don't wake up until its over. I started with counting - take a breath in then out - and count each one up to twelve - every time you think about the pain or something else - you have to start over - usually if I can make it to 8 without thinking about anything else I am already asleep. I have gone a little further to body relaxation - where I start at my toes and think about every body part being completely relaxed - and once again by the time I get to my waist I am asleep. It takes a lot of mind control and the first couple times I thought I was going to die before falling asleep, but if you can learn to do it, it truly does helps! And like the others who have stated this before - I do find an orgasm to help too! But that is truly only temporary - If i can have one then I fall asleep, usually I wake up and it is still there, BUT any time you don't have to feel a migraine is worth it!

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TRIED THE PINEAPPLE AND IT WORKED!!!! I was so excited - it was only the aura I was feeling at that point - but I survived the rest of the day with just a minor headache - I think its worth a try for all you others out there!

Dutta - BLR-31 (3 yr migraine)

Totally agree meditation part... I do pranayama which scales it down by 30-50% immediately. Then my mind is ready to meditate/snooze... Followed by a fresh fruit which I smell properly before eating orange.., I found some connection between good smell of oranges in tricking my brain off migraine :)


i'm just missing the pineapple....but staring at the celing fan with no light is hypnosis.thats nice for the summer

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