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1st brush your teeth like you do.
2nd get a cotton swap and put tooth paste and baking soda on it.
3rd 'paint' the tooth paste and baking soda on your teeth.
4th let it sit on your teeth for 5 min
5th rinse and brush your teeth and do this daily. if you do this daily you will see a huge differents. rember this will not work fo everyone

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kso i tried this the first time and it worked (kind of ) but remember this is the first time i try it :D im so happy cuz my teeth are so yellow but i brush every day :/ but now im going to do this for ever :D


You not suppost to do it 5 times your suppost to do it once if you do it 5 times then you can permanatly damage your enamel DUH!!!!!


sir i have very bad yellow teeth . how can i get white teeth............


It works!!!!!!!!!!!

Kaneishia Wellsburg


Sivani Chabara

yes, its amazing! Am happy with my white teeth.. thanks sir.


Does it make any improvement just the first time?


im a girl.....

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