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Ronald Chases

Back Pain Devices

Back and body problems can mess up anybody's day, yet many people live with back and body pain for most of their lives. There are ways to alleviate this pain that does not require an exclusive visit to a chiropractor.

Here are some of the pain reliever devices that can alleviate Body pain:
The Spine-Worx : This is a device used to realign the back. It is a four-sided figure shape with two parallel rails in the centre of the device. These rails are where the spine with be realigned naturally with the help of gravity. A person using the device would lie back resting the back in between the two rails.

Back Bubble Back Pain Relief Device: This cannot be left out. Because of its uncomplicated design, many may mistakenly feel that this odd looking device would not lessen back pain as promised. Amazingly enough it does work and many people are satisfyingly surprised at the results on their very first try of using the Back Bubble. The spine is stretched while the body is balanced in an air filled bubble that is wrapped around the body that allows the feet to hang Thanks to gravity the spine is stretched causing a realignment of the spine naturally.
Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator might be a better option known as TENS. This device uses tiny pulses of electricity to alleviate back problems. These electrical pulses are controlled by way of electrodes that are attached to various locations on the back. Control of strength is entirely in the hands of the user by adjusting a button. Depending on where the back pain is, support placing the electrodes may be needed.

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This/may be helpful to some but i am looking for something affordable and immediate !

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