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Like most others i tried the acv and as much as it sucks it also makes sense and works. just don't over do it, all you will end up doing is damaging unaffected healthy skin and spread the warts. try the acv soaked tp once a day for a couple hours or just at night. instead of keeping that on all the time, remove, wash the area and apply desitin to the area. this doesn't damage your skin (its for diaper rashes), it soothes any discomfort from the acv and seals out moisture and air from getting to the warts. my doctor recommended this after i 'over did it' with acv. i used the desitin alone and it took care of any problems. most importantly remember to keep your area clean, wear cotton underwear and wash your hands! i have never seen desitin on any of these websites but its the Shit. for real.

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Help! I've used acv for about 4 days now on ansl warts. They've turned pink with a white tinge and have swollen and are painful. I e expected this with my readings , still haven't turned really white or black which I've waited for. Do I stick with it? How long does the changes take ? Thanks.


thank you, have a large wart (leg, just behind scrotum) have successfully treat 3 others, 2 on my penis, this big one has been slow to react, after I started desitin after each treatment, it started turning white, will keep you posted...

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