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THIS WORKED WONDERS FOR ME!!! I recently had an abscessed lower wisdom tooth and with no insurance I relied on what I could find in the way of home remedies. I combined a few different remedies I have found on different websites and the regimen below worked miracles!!! (note: you will still eventually need to see a dentist or oral surgeon but the regimen below should reduce the pain and infection DRASTICALLY!):

You will need:
Sensodine tooth paste
Very soft toothbrush
Salt (sea salt or table salt)
Black Tea tea-bags
spit cup

1. Brush your teeth with Sensodine with the softest toothbrush you can find and very gently concentrate on the affected area.
2. Swish with Listerine, again try to concentrate on the affected area - swish for as long as is comfortable but try to keep the Listerine in your mouth for at least 30 seconds to a minute.
3. Fill a 6 - 8 oz. Glass with warm water and a tablespoon or so of salt (sea salt is best but table salt will do in a pinch). Swish with a mouthful of the salt water for as long as you can stand it (again at least 30 seconds to a minute), continue this process until you have finished the glass of salt water (hint: keep chapstick handy as this process can really dry out your lips!)
4. Dab some extra strength Oragel on the affected area and surrounding gumline with a Q-Tip - be sure pull your cheek and tongue away from the area as the Oragel soaks in to avoid any unwanted numbness.
5. As the Oragel takes affect cut open a tea bag of plain black tea any brand, but try to steer clear of any black teas that have fruit flavor added. Empty out the tea and cut a small oblong piece of the tea bag, fill this with some of the tea and roll it up as if you were rolling a very small burrito, being sure to tuck in the ends so that the tea stays in. Next place one end of the little “tea tube” you’ve made over the top of the affected tooth and then tuck the rest of the tube between your gums and cheek. VERY VERY gently bite down JUST ENOUGH TO KEEP THE TEA TUBE IN PLACE - this will be quite uncomfortable at first (hence the Oragel) soon the pain will subside and the tea tube will become softer as it gets wet (note: do not wet the tea tube before putting it in, the dryness of the tea tube will help draw out the infectious fluid much quicker). You may find better placement for the tea tube depending on where the affected tooth and gums are located in your mouth - my method was for a lower wisdom tooth. Leave the tea tube in place for at least two hours - keep a spit cup handy and try not to swallow any of your saliva or the tea “juice” to avoid ingesting any of the infectious fluid being pulled out by the tea tube. If you can leave it in for longer than 2 hours go for it!
6. Finally, remove the tea tube and swish again with either Listerine or more warm salt water (I am sure you will find that you much prefer the Listerine to the salt water). After rinsing be sure to carefully inspect the tooth and gumline area to make sure you have rinsed out any remaining tea. (I keep a small LED flashlight in my bathroom for this). Then dab on some more Oragel.

At this time your mouth will still be a bit sore due to all the activity near the inflamed tooth and gums but TRUST ME YOU WILL FEEL A MILLION TIMES BETTER! After using this regimen just once almost ALL my swelling went away by the next morning (I did the regimen before bed) and the pain had gone from a 9 to a 2! I completed the entire regiment a few more times over the next week and each time I felt better and better! Once you feel better don’t slack off on the brushing and Listerine!!! Until you are able to see a dentist follow the tips below:

A few extra tips for throughout the day:
1. Gently brush at least 3 times a day (especially after every time you eat anything - yes, that means even after you eat a handful of chips or any other small snack)
2. Steer clear of ALL sweets, even flavored coffee creamer...(all coffee drinkers groan in unison...) I know, I know, that part sucks but you’ll have to tough it out!
3. Carry a travel bottle of Listerine with you at all times and swish often.
4. Drink LOTS of water (the closer to room temperature the better).
5. Stay away from food or drink that is very hot or very cold.

I hope this helps! Best of luck to all of you!!! And believe me when I say I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!

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Henri Chillers

I tried this remedy as soon as I read it, I have tooth ache pain so badly for the past two days from an abcessed tooth that I could not even see the light would give me an immediate headache. I had no choice, I borrowed the listeren but had the other things here, after using your technique step by step I began to feel immediate relief and to me that is almost a miracle seeing as I have had this pain non stop for two days. Thank you!! I will follow up tomorrow after I get the antibiotic from my pharmacists they were closed for the holidays.


I am trying this remedy minus the ambisol because I have done and everything is closed for xmas. I am on an antibiotic that I was given last night. However no relied yet. I have had no sleep for 2 days. Im miserable. What do u do if u c a puss bag afterwards???
Leave it alone or drain it???
Hoping this will work


I was up for two days as well with the same problem. However, just in the last hour the pain went away. What sweet relief!!!!!! I had been taking so much ibuprofen that my stomach was on fire, not to mention I have a rather severe head cold. I hope you get some relief. To answer your question, you will want to encourage your abscess to rupture - once it goes, the pressure is relieved and the pain will immediately go from a 10 to a 3. I started holding salt water in my mouth to cover the problem area, for up to ten minutes at a time. It finally burst while I was gnawing my way through a slice of white bread.

You said:
I am trying this remedy minus the ambisol because I have done and everything is closed for xmas. I am on an antibiotic that I was given last night. However no relied yet. I have had no sleep for 2 days. Im miserable. What do u do if u c a puss bag afterwards???
Leave it alone or drain it???
Hoping this will work

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