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Apply vicks(to the affected area) as soon as going to sleep leave over night, by the morning it'll be ready to burst. Try it....

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i wouldn't do that, but that's just my opinion. If it's ready to burst-that's bad. You don't want to pop a pimple. It'll leave a scar so I wouldn't do that.


Vicks does not work it will just spread more pimples on the areas that you have applied,still the solution is avoid fried foods,nuts,too much meat, and specially DRINK LOTS OF WATER everyday IT WORKS!!!.


I don't think Vicks will work. And bursting it might not be a good idea, it might cause the bacteria to spread and cause even more pimples, and also it might leave a scar.


Scarring does not always occur when popping a pimple, and the vicks cream is a great way to open up the skin plus it cleans the infected bacteria underneath the pimple

F it

mkay so i has a sinus infection, i put vicks on my forhead and thats what caused my pimples i had the clearest skin now look at it ! red dots all over my forehead, this will not work. :[


Um, who would put vicks on their forhead for a sinus infection...


To open up the sinus idiot, gee u can tell this place is full of bitchy little women! Ideally vicks burns though, for the pimples not a great idea.

Nickyy Mayynneee

^ Shutup you dumb whore. I put vicks on my forhead and it works with nasal issues. It also gives you nice pimples which I have all down my face.

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