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drysocket hater!

I have been suffering dry socket since last wednesday when i had all four wisdom teeth removed. The pain really kicked in on the Friday (2days after surgery) but by Sunday morning (4 days after surgery) the pain got so bad i called the surgeons emergency number. Would have been great to have been told about clove oil then rather then told to sit tight until the next day when they would see me.

I had been advised by my surgeon to avoid ibprofen and instead stick to paracetamol and codine based pain killers, which i will say were not worth me taking as they did nothing, the only time i noticed any pain relief was when i was taking fast acting ibprofen based pills.

Once i got to see my surgeon he was fantastic, gave me a local, cleaned out the socket thoroughly and packed it with a paste that he compared the taste of to chewing tobbaco. Absolutely disgusting stuff and i was sceptical of it working, i thought the pain relief was down to my having a slow acting local and put the pain relief down to not feeling anything at all, but once it wore off it was fine.

Returned this morning (tuesday 6 days post op) and they removed most of the brown paste from the socket, gave me a few syringes and told me to start irrigating the socket with warm salt water starting on christmas day which will be Sunday to get the rest of the paste out of the wound.

Hope that it works as the surgeons have finished for the year now so if it doesn't heal i will be back to ibiprofen until the beginning of january!

Tip do not get wisdom teeth out 11 days before christmas! They all go on holidays and leave you on your own leaving no room for complications!

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I got my wisdom teeth removed on the 14 of December and am still in some pain but I know what you mean I am only 13 though so they had to cut the gum and the swelling is finally down just good to know I am not the only one who will be in pan during the holidays


OMG !!! I am suffering the same way ! Can't imagine another day or night with this pain. Headed to CVS or Walgreens to find clover oil to get some relief . Wish me luck!


I had 2 wisdom teeth pulled on the 13th! I'm still in a lot of pain too! I had my dry socket packed Monday n have to go back in today to get it taken out but I know they are going to have to pack it again bc I'm still in pain, which means I still have dry socket! I been managing on ibuprofen n pain pills during the day but at night I wake up n am in pain! Then when I do get back to sleep I wake up early n am in pain! I have 2 small children so this has been hard! I'm going to go to cvs n try this remedy just in case this packing don't relieve any pain! Good luck to you! Merry Christmas!


I got mine out on December 19th and I'm still paying for it!!!


I got my tooth pulled the 13th and just went in to my dentis.I could not take the pain through x-mas vacation with my 2 girls off school.OMG dry socket sucks!!!

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