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PROPOLIS!! completely works when you even think you feel something coming on. New research has shown when applied topoically it had a 100% effectiveness rate. And it's natural it comes from bee hives. Just google propolis and you can see all of the research going on with it. it works!!

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I was a bit skeptical at first but I went and bought a bottle of the stuff and I'm a believer. Less than 5 hrs after taking the pill my outbreak has diminished to almost nothing. Thanks for the advice.


do you take the pills or buy a cream or something? Where do you get it? pls message me about this :)


Totally works- I just went to Whole foods and got a bottle of the liquid extract. I have been taking the drops orally and also applying directly to the sores. I noticed within a few hours the change and how fast it was healing...... Thank you so much.

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