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After reading EVERYTHING all over the internet, I decided to try plain ole vinegar. This was for my 14 yr old son. I was worried that the Apple Cider Vinegar would cause him too much pain.

After reading one of the stories on here from a father and son who simply soaked their foot in vinegar and did nothing else, we tried it.

First we put duct tape on for a day or two, it got really moist and almost like little fingers or tendrils coming up out of it. I used tweezers to pull these out and then my son soaked his foot in a full bowl of white vinegar for over 30 minutes. We left it overnight, the next day when it had dried out a bit we put nail polish over it, we kept adding fresh nail polish every morning after his shower becuase it would wear off.

After about a week of this, we used tweezers again to pull away any loose, wet tendrils and kind of digged at it a bit mostly to make sure when we soaked it again, the vinegar would go down inside. We soaked it again at this time with white vinegar, let it sit overnight and again did the nail polish thing. At this point it started to dry up a bit and one day after his shower, my son was picking at it and he pulled a piece of skin and of with it came the center, like a round hard ball. It left a huge hole so we again used the tweezers to pull any loose bits of skin and then filled the hole with polysporin, but a bandaid on for a day or two, took it off and now it's just a little scab, the hole is 80% healed and the hard round ridge is gone and the scab is flat and level with the rest of the food. Best of all when you put a thumb and forefinger on either side of the scab and squeeze a bit (almost like popping a pimple) there is NO pain. Doing this when the wart was there was very very painful.

So I think the softening of the wart with the duct tape and removing all visible wet tissue and then soaking with vinegar and then putting nail polish over for a week was the key. We basically did this twice, duct tape for a day, tweeze, soak in vinegar, cover in polish, recover in polish each day for a week and then repeat.

Simple, cheap, easy and NO pain for my son. We tried everything else and this worked.

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