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The past couple of months been hell i tried everything from baking soda to apple cider. the best advice i can give u is to not touch ur herpes with unclean hands or use a towel to dry down there. my herpes spreaded to the crack of my ass and my left arm. Blow dryer or fan is the thing ever.

What i use

Since my last doctor's appointment my doc didn't prescribe me any medication i had to come out of my pocket and buy everything, i losted my job this may and money has been tight.

so i take three hot baths (10-20 min) a day using epsom salt(3.00), apple cider(1.00) and tea tree oil(3.00). all of these can be found at walmart, family dollar, cvs, etc. I feels so good because i can feel my bumps start to tingle and harden after three baths. i use to use baking soda, bleach, windex, alcohol,tooth paste, etc but it burns so damn much i couldn't take the pain.

So i did some research on many sites and came acrosds tynol pm and mixed and a paste. so i went to walmart and bought they brand (3.86).

After my bath, i use peroxide because it doesnt burn as much and blowed dried it until its no longer wet, i mixed the tyrnol pm into a paste using several drops of water. you do this by crushing 3-4 pills. i love it, it burns but not to extreme if ur someone who cant take pain like myself. i lay there until it dries and then put on cotton panties.

my doctor told me to wear granny panties or free ball so thats what i been doing. i also take l-lysine 1000mg (4.00) 3-4 times a day, multi vitamins (4.00), orange juice and i drink plenty of water.

it works after five months of having bumps they finally stop spreading and are going away. i still cry but my sister is my support system because she also has it on her lips. if u need anyone to talk to let me kno and ill listen its tough but never forget that you are not alone

You all are in my prayers, together we can fight this. i dont know when the next time ill be intimate with a man, but i went a year and half without sex and i can do it again.

Prayer, forgive others as well as yourself, and a positive support system who would not judge you will make herpes seem not like a big problem. Remember you are never alone.

i hope this helps

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Well I would like to talk because I have a lot of questions to ask so could you email me at


I would also like to talk if possible,

Sad and disgusted

I'm sooo freaked out I know I have herpes I have been taking acyclovir I haven't told my boyfriend I am not sure if he gave
It to me as I was single and not being responsible with my sexual partners but I didn't get my first out break until I was only sexual with him.... But he never has outbreaks so therefore I am confused???? I don't knock on wood get the inside my vagina only right around my anus same spot everytime it's sooo annoying happens every other month seems to happen when my tummy acts up and I'm using the restroomore often than usual or right after my period I feel disgusting too scared and ashamed to tell him we have
Been together for over a year but I know this will end our relationship I'm soo mad at myself because I know this could have been prevented had I been responsible I'm really depressed about it ;(


Don't drink orange juice, it will aggrevate herpes


What is this measured in?


hey, i would like to talk to u.. im very scared of this.. i hope u can email me soon


please email me at


would really like to talk to you.. if you could e-mail me at that would be great.


hi i would really like to talk too!!!i feel so alone in this i dont k ow what is going on im so scared i have been in a relationship for almost 3 years and have a 2 yr old we got in a fight and i strayed and know i caught it from someone im so.scared im gonna loose my family i keep breaking out please email


Lysine can be very hard on your kidneys and liver. That dosage sounds too high. Be careful!

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