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Use a few Lemon Tea bags, seep in almost boiling water for at least 5 minutes. Add tea to a small foot bath with some cool water to reach a good temp. Soak feet for 15 minutes and rinse. Tea Tree Oil can also help prevent foot smells. I use these as part of my boyfriends pedicures.

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My son has the worst foot odor. The foot doctor told him to soak his feet in tea from tea bags. It really works, helps dry his feet and eliminate the odor.


just wash your feet!


rub feet with a raw onion and one garlic clove until red, then soak in mixture of chicken stock ,vinegar,mustard seed,and celary salt for 15 it everynight my girl loves it


What? your girlfriend gets hungery?
sounds like your cooking a Stew.
Tea Bags do just




Onion and garlic! what r u trying to make it worse. lol


Lol. You all are too funny. My feet stink really bad because I sweat a lot. I hope this works to keep my feet from sweating as well. I will try it tonight. I may have to soak my shes in the tea bath as well. Lol.

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