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I have suffered from kidney infections since the age of 14. Dr's have never been able to figure out why, but I finally gave up on going to the doctor, just to pay for tests that concluded what I already knew.

At the first sign of infection, I start taking cranberry pills, dandelion root (a natural diuretic that will help flush your system), echinacea (an immunostimulator) and garlic pills (a natural antibiotic). Take I take 2 of each pill, twice per day and feel nearly immediate relief. If symptoms have been present for a couple of days before starting the regime, I take a dose of colloidal silver for the first day or two to kick start the ejection of the infection.

Just because you feel relief doesn't mean you are in the clear! Continue this regime for a week or so (as you would with any medicine) to be sure the infection is gone!

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Have you ever tried not drinking caffeine? Sounds funny but gave it up and haven't had a bladder or kidney infection since.


I have had two in the past 8 years. Went to the doctors the first time and got their antibiotic. This time around I decided to go natural. Which I am quite thankful I did. Symptoms went away within an hour or two and at a fraction of the cost. I wasn't able to find any Dandilion Root so I only took the three, but it still worked flawlessly. To anyone who gets a kidney infection I strongly urge you to get the four ingredients listed above. You won't be sorry.


I did this regimen for a week and it worked. The pain was gone the next day and I was completely better at the end of the week. Now for preventive maintenance I take a cranberry and dandelion root supplement twice a week.


Does this work even if you're experiencing low-grade fever, cold chills, and nausea? Need some advice on this and want to avoid antibiotics if at all possible.

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