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Combine aloe vera scraped from the plant leaf; aluminum free baking soda; apple cider vinegar in a blender. Blend until you have a light paste. You can apply it directly on the hives and let it dry. Cover and refrigerate the rest of the mixture and apply the following days until hives are gone. It will take the swelling and itch away almost completely after a few hours and begin to reduce the activity of the hives. I also increased my supplement intake of vitamin C; magnesium, D3 and Omega 3's. I also fasted on fresh fruits and vegetable juices only. My hives came from an additive in Vanilla Flavoring. I felt an almost instant reaction like a heat rush once I consumed the additive. Then I began to itch. Simultaneously, I wore a brand new sweater that irritated the very mild hives I got from the additive. By end of day, since I was unable to remove the sweater at work, I had a full blown case of very bad hives, complete with itch, welts, irritation. Ugh! I didn't do much to them at first because I only had hives one other time in my life and my body typically heals very quickly. So I figured they would just go away in a day r two. But they lingered and the inflammation continued. So I had to get serious and this concoction was made from ingredients in I already had and it's working!

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Interesting that you traced the outbreak to Vanilla. I kept telling my family that was what precipitated my hive outbreak, but, they kept saying, oh, it's a natural Vanilla oil, you can't possibly be allergic to it...

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