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1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar into 1 cup of warm water. Gargle then swallow each mouthfull till gone. Repeat if necessary. I promise this works. got it from the book 'Vermont Folk Medicine'

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Liza Douglas

This remedy works! After reading everyone's comments I decided to bypass the gargling and just took a shot of the vinegar and chased it with some warm water. The relief was instant.


Omg that apple cider vinegar is super nasty, I thought because it was a lot of water and a little bit of it, I wasn't going to taste it, but boy was I wrong! haha
But it worked, still a little sore, but not as bad. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Rachel and Laura

My poor daughter had the worst sore throat and couldn't sleep at all, checked out this site and decided this was the best possibility for relief for her. She only gargled with the mix and found much help(though the pain was not completely gone). In her words, 'Aweful to gargle, but it works.'. Happy to find her some relief!


i tried this. and it work. at the end i took a teaspoon shot of vinger. yes it did burn but it did work.

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