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1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar into 1 cup of warm water. Gargle then swallow each mouthfull till gone. Repeat if necessary. I promise this works. got it from the book 'Vermont Folk Medicine'

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It worked instantly but the pain was not completly gone. I'd prefer the state my throat is in now to what it was before. Thanks, I'll do it again in 15 minutes. The mucus is also coming up too :-0


This actually works! I couldnt bring myself to drink it after I gargled so I made two mixtures. One to gargle with and one to drink. Gargle with the apple cider vinegar and water first then you drink this mixture:

2tsp apple cider vinegar preferably Braggs

8oz water

2tsp honey, mollases, or maple syrup (or to taste)
This works for acid reflux too. And is a great health drink for when you wake up, afternoon, and evening.


This worked for me! THANK YOU!!! I've been miserable for 2 days and all it took was this concoction to feel better. *Important* You must add a teaspoon of honey to this, it won't make you gag and works just as well.

Noemi L

I read all the remedies and I was skeptical about trying them but this one caught my attention since i had the apple cider vinegar and the honey I decide to try it. I had a very sore throat and taking medication from the doctor. I want everyone to know that I made myself that cup of water, vinegar and added some honey and gargle three time and did not swallow. But i would sip's in between in gargles and that made a big difference. Thank You


very impressive!I was up all night with the pain and went online to see what I could do at home, I still have the sore throat but not as bad as it was, so will do it again when I wake up from my nap.


I was drinking a bunch of water all day (and had to go to the bathroom all the time) because of my sore throat. So when I got home, I looked for an answer and came across this site. After trying the way described. I concluded that it was one of the most untasty things ever. But it worked. so i mixed it with a tablespoon of honey and steeped a peppermint tea bag in it. tastes better and very effective


i'm a nurse by profession, but i like finding simple home remedies before taking meds. i tried this last night and it was an instant relief. when i woke up this morning, my sore throat's gone! GOD BLESS YOU WHOEVER ADVICED THIS HOME REMEDY!!


It did miracles for me! Like most people here I did one cup for gargling and the other for sipping(added honey to the 2nd one). BIG relieve! THANK YOU!!!!!to whoever posted it!


Wow, this stuff is amazing! My throat was so raw and it was so painful when I coughed. After just a few gargles and swallows I can tell a big difference! Takes away the pain immediately and with honey it's not so bad!


I just tried this remedy, literally like five seconds ago. I notice a slight difference already, but my throat is really, really bad from strep throat. I will continue gargling throughout the day and let you know how it works.

My glands are the size of golf balls. Should the swelling there go down as my sore throat goes away?

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