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Sunil Atrawalkar

Friends I am suffering from migrane for @ 10 years. High protein food like nuts, spicy food, corbonated drinks, hot summer triggers it and whole day is painful. Recently I found two cures for this pain. One is frequently taking green tea with lime in it (after meal works very well) and second one is water therapy. In the morning on empty stomoch drink two glasses of warm water with salt in it, sit and vomit by putting fingers in throat, another is passing warm water with salt in it through nose and allowing it to flow through the another nose and changing it. The second therapy is a naturopathy taught by our naturopathy (Jindal Nature Cure).

Off course the last resort is Migranil which works in 30 mins to 1 hour

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Take it from an RN

The idea of making yourself vomit is perhaps one of the most foolish peices of advice I've ever heard. Whether or not it helps you w/ migraines, the potential risk more than outweighs any benefit. Vomiting is a violent process that takes it's toll on your stomach, throat & teeth. Vomiting naturally when you are sick is strain enough, forcing yourself to vomit is just plain dangerous, particularly if you make a habit of it.


One day I had a migraine with nausea. I was holding the urge to throw up so bad when unexpectedly I threw up. Believe it or not in 30 minutes I was relieved of the migraine. I am a chronic sufferer and I have never had the desire or the nerve to cause myself to vomit but that day it worked for me.The whole idea of throwing up with a migraine though is total torture


Making yourself vomit on a regular basis is horribly torturous to your whole upper digestive system and will cause (not probably) long term damage. Please try a less destructive method. Blessings.


I'm a female who suffers from migraines have been all my pre. I strongly feel that they are triggered by my hormones.. I do agree that forceful votmitting is not good.. by as a migraine suffer most all no it cones with nausea and vomiting, and I do swear by the fact that vomiting releases a tremendous amount of pain,for a short time. It seems to come hand and hand considering doctors show it is blood vessel constriction. Also your brain and stomach work together. People should study there bodies much closer.

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