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I tried cold water and this works immediately providing me with instant relief... HOWEVER within a minute the pain came back and I tried again... It works every time but lasts for less time and if I stop swilling with cold water the pain comes back with a vengance and then the whole side of my face aches. 5 hours until I can get in the dentist and as I did last night, I am going to have to sit here and constantly swilll cold water in my mouth until the dentist opens!! I would try vodka if I had any

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Get some warm salty water and swish it around several times! This isn't immediate releaf but the next day you will notice some releaf! Keep doing it once a day for about 5 days and the pain will keep going down! I had the exact same problem and this worked for me


If you can out sit the pain for more than an hour and try to fall asleep, the pain numbs, it still throbs and hurts but its manageable, i know it KILLS , but i found swilling my mouth with water only affective for up to 2 hours, and afterwards the very sight of water made me gag, if you can sit it out and take some paramol, do so.


swish your mouth with crown royal, it numbs your teeth and helped me for all night relief

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