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Vaginal odor is caused by too much 'bad' bacteria replacing the 'good' bacteria in your vagina that's needed to balance it out. This is a little-known remedy that takes just ONE NIGHT. Go to your health food store or a pharmacy that carries refrigerated probiotic pills. If they have one specifically for women, such as 'femdophilus,' choose that one. Instead of taking the pill orally, though, insert one like a suppository while you're sleeping. You don't need to insert it very deeply. You will need to wear a pad. All symptoms should be gone in the morning. Do NOT use douches, they can make matters worse. You're dealing with a very delicate area, you just need to re-balance it. Keep some of the pills on hand for when your immune system is down, which is when you'll be likely to get a re-occurence. You should be clear for months with just or two treatments, though! You're welcome!

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This remedy works....if u are unable to get fem dophilus used Lactinex it works just the same.....thanks!!


OMG! Totally worked! Thank you so much!! I was hesitant to doing it because the pills were kind of pricey but now I know it was totally worth it! Been dealing with this problem for YEARS! My dr said it was my diet since she didn't find any infection. By one little pill did it :) thank you!


I have had this problem for years!! Its humiliating! I still consider myself to be a newly wed and its just awful when your husband does not want to be with you because he can smell it so its greatly affected our sex life which puts a damper on our general life together because that part of the intimacy between us is not there :( I have taken refrigerated 'Ultimate Flora,Woman's Care Probiotic' orally for a months now but never thought to insert one vaginally but have broken a capsule & poured it into a water douche!! That helped a very little so I'm game for the actual insert for an overnight effect!! This has to work cause I feel I'm losing my husband & frankly I wouldn't want to have intimate moments with a man that had this odor so......I'll let you ladies know!! Thanks so much for the tip!!


Thank you so much for the tip! LADIES THIS DEFINITELY WORKS! I've had vaginal odor for about a month and it was really getting on my nerves and the smell was loud. Once I saw this post, I immediately went to the Health Food store. Nowthe people working in there are very knowledgeable. I decided talk to one of them about my issues. It went beyond being embarassed to talk about, I wanted the smell gone by any means safely necessary. In addition to the probiotics, they also gave me an herb called Olive Leaf....kills ANY bad bacteria that does not belong. I took 2 capsules twice a day. Both has worked like a charm. Hope this helps..


So I used this method and the chlorophyll. The odor I was experiencing was actually an undertone which is almost worse because its sort of always slightly there, even right after showers. If I don't shower everyday it could get bad... So bottom line, definitely worked.

Problem is, I had cramping the next day after using pill like a suppository.

Thinking about just taking daily.

Was just curious if anyone else had the cramping...


This works!!!! I have tried everything...the rephresh pro b didnt help...taking an oral suplement for months didnt work...i have taken prescriptions for years...and this is the first time ever i am free from this aggrivation!!! Thank you!!!


I'm going to try this... this has gotten me so beyond frustrated especially since I feel other people can smell it. I will definitely let you all know if it works for me. I was researching so many things and it seems the instant i turned 35 my body just went crazy. I pray this works b/c I'm so embarrassed.


I tried this and although I did not use it as a suppository I've used it twice a day and it works! Thank you for this advise I know most woman will appreciate knowing that this has worked.


should I just insert the pill before bed and take it out when I wake up in the morning? or leave it in?


Eat sun flower seeds 1 to 2 tablespoons daily or mixed with sesame seeds and the odor will go away (really chew it up). No more fishy smell and there are a host of great things these seeds will do for you. If you have diverticulitis then use paste forms and check with your doctor as well.

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