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Vaginal odor is caused by too much 'bad' bacteria replacing the 'good' bacteria in your vagina that's needed to balance it out. This is a little-known remedy that takes just ONE NIGHT. Go to your health food store or a pharmacy that carries refrigerated probiotic pills. If they have one specifically for women, such as 'femdophilus,' choose that one. Instead of taking the pill orally, though, insert one like a suppository while you're sleeping. You don't need to insert it very deeply. You will need to wear a pad. All symptoms should be gone in the morning. Do NOT use douches, they can make matters worse. You're dealing with a very delicate area, you just need to re-balance it. Keep some of the pills on hand for when your immune system is down, which is when you'll be likely to get a re-occurence. You should be clear for months with just or two treatments, though! You're welcome!

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would this burn your vagina area?


Would Rephresh Pro-B Capsules (Feminine Probiotic Supplement) work using the method you mentioned? The ingredients in Pro-B are: L. Rhamnosus Gr-1 - 2.5 Billion Cfu**. L. Reuteri RC-14 - 2.5 Billion Cfu**. Other Ingredients: Dextrose Anhydrate, Gelatin, Potato Starch, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, And Titanium Dioxide.


I tried this last night and it WORKED - Used Lactinex! I have been having bad vaginal odor for about 5 years now.

This is such a huge relief to me -- thank you!

I'll come back and let you know how long it lasted. Hoping I can do it after every period.

It was easy, not painful at all... And just really leaky. I didn't wear a pad, just underwear.


did this work????


can i use just normal probiotic pills or does it have to be for woman?


I never used to have so much problems with vaginal odor, now it seems all women do. Perhaps it is the yoghurt, I noticed when I eat yoghurt it gets even worse. Sugar also is bad.


I tried the RePhresh probiotics for a month, did nothing to help with the odor.


This sounds like it would work...wondered if anyone else has tried it? I keep having fish like odor...can't stand it!! Don't have yeast infection and BV has only come back postitive a few times...sick of it!!



I tried the product called fem-dophilus. I took one tablet in the morning and I inserted one inside with my finger and went to bed. There was still a little discharge but the smell was gone. I'm on my second day taking one pill in the morning and I'm going to sleep with another one tonight and I will let you know the out come but so far as I'm concerned this was the best of ALL the remedies I've read and tried. If this last one didn't work a woman at Whole Foods told me to take a garlic clove and put a few slices in it.. place it inside as well and sleep with it over night. The next day all should be well. I haven't tried that yet as the fem-dophillis is working. Good Luck ladies! At least you know there is hope! :)


So where do you insert the pill at? Anal or vagina?

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