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About 5 minutes ago, I used a mixture of baking soda and H. Proxide and brushed my teeth with the paste....IT WORKS WONDERS! Then, after that, I used a little olive oil on a fantastc as well! If you want quick whitning, here is the remedy!

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your dentist

Your an idiot. You must smokey yeller teeth because that will not work.


^ You're * if you're goin to call someone an idiot, Atleast have the proper grammar.


thanx for the advice


I agree people don't have to come here and be disrespectful. We post things that work for us doesn't mean it will work for everyone. If you don't like someones remedy then don't read don't follow.


Be careful of your gums! I tried once and OMG my gums burned and turned all white. I will try again but for a shorter period of time and maybe use a q-tip.

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