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Take a Benedryl for nausea. My doctor recommended it and it works everytime for me.

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I've had nausea and violent vomiting in the mornings and after I lie down for a couple of years... For some reason thought to try benedryl in case it was caused by allergies/post nasal drip... and it has worked... last three nights have not vomited at all...


Taking Benadryl for nausea really works! The main ingredient (diphenhydramine) is the same ingredient given in hospitals to help patients fall asleep and is found in over-the-counter sleep aids. Besides being an effective antihistamine, it is a safe sedative, which can help calm stomach muscles and reduce the feeling of nausea.


The Benadryl worked for me as well. It is like Phenagrin because it makes you sleep and that stops the nausea.

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