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Hello there! I got online because I needed a quick home remedy for my little niece who is staying all night with us (she is 5). She was sick with a cough and possible sinus infection her momma said. Anyhow, went it was time to sleep I noticed here tossing and turning and then I heard her wimpering. I went over to her and she said her eye was hurting. I've never had kids or even a baby sibling, so I had no idea what to do. Mom always put peroxide in our ear for anything ear related. I tried that on a rag with a little water and rubbed her ear, and she said it felt better - but it only felt good for that short moment...

I saw her kicking again soon after and crying and wimpering and tossing relentlessly. I got online and seen the things about GARLIC. I also seen alot about WARM WASH-CLOTHS. I had a jar of that pre-chopped garlic that's jarred in it's own oils. I took the wash cloth and ran the tip of it under warm/hot, then dipped it in the garlic jar, then following with one swipe under the faucet again. I took it and rubbed it in her inner ear for about 60 seconds continually and drifted right off to sleep!! Try it!

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I knew a man who used some home remedies to ease his ear pain, but he should have paid attention to the pain and gone to the doctor because he had a bacterial infection that turned to menengitis and he died at the age of 41.

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