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I have a back molar that cracked in half and just the other day half of it fell out while i was sleeping!! Now i have this gaping hole in my gum and tonight i been in severe pain so i got on google and came to this page...i saw someone talk bout putting baby tylenol on your tooth...well i would try anything so i tried it and within two seconds my mouth stopped throbing!!! Highly reccomended!!!

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i just tried this and it seems to be helping some. how did you get it on ur tooth?


Thanks ! Two of my back teeth are gaping open & infected & I'm breastfeeding so I can't take just anything & this is working at least for a little bit.


Becareful using baby asprin, tylenol etc on a tooth, it could cause a blood clot. I used to always do this for my toothaches til i was warned by the dentist of the dangers.


holy crap that actually worked instantly. didnt last long but dam anything is better than tooth pain. I have half a tooth and the nerve has been exposed for quite some time and everyday it feels like someone is jamming a dull knife into my jaw and i have gone through so many tubes of orajel it has no effect on me anymore


what is baby tylonol? im in the uk


Putting Tylenol or any form of medicine like that baby kind, Advil, Pain killers ect directly to the tooth will give immediate relief. However it will ruin the tooth! Eventually the tooth will be to damaged for any repair and it happens from the inside of the tooth. I know. Now if the tooth is already unsaveable do what ever you have to for the pain if you are getting it pulled.

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