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people this ACV is killing me, I'm used to pain with multiple surgies, including spine surgery, but this is total hell. I spread it accidentally washing in the shower. Now it's even at the bottom in the opening. I'm afraid it's gone inside. I put some ACV on a bandage and inside. I'm ready to go back to tea tree oil, the pain is horrid. I'm afraid I'm going to end up at the doctor's office. I'm going to try duck tape tomorrow on clitrois lips, it's bad down at the bottom, and every time I pea, no matter how much I clean, it's still scabby 3 days later. Hard to treat an area that isn't dry when you pee constantly. I'm going to put a cotton ball of tea tree oil just inside for tonight, I can bear it easier than ACV. I've used tea tree oil for yeast infections before, so I know it's safe. If anyone else has any ideas, let me know. The cotton ball and tape won't work where I have it, and having big lips down there it's hard to see it all, much less treat it. I'm tempted to buy that roll on stuff I say on ebay. I have genital herpes, but this is worse by 10x easy :( HELP!

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I'm sorry for your pain I know how you feel my warts cause me extreme pain! And I haven't found a treatment that really works. I would say take ibuprofen its been a life saver

hoping for the best MZ

:( ugh!! ACV does hurt. Feel your pain!
Wishing you luck!!


Is there anything you can do to deal with the pain? I need surgery but I lost my job and can't afford it this pain is so unbearable.... I don't kno what to do help!!


Go to this website this really works had wart for two years till i came to this website but it work cost 80 bucks but had mines for a year and battery still good and no wart fo 8 month now i just so happy and my wart were real big on my penis and i did the duck tape thing to but it works to but burn to much trust me get this product and use it when u get out of the shower and the morning and when u get out at night u will see your wart buss and front of your face the first time u use it and about a month it will disappear

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