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You can typically perform ingrown toenail treatment yourself at home but if you are having pain that is getting worse and you notice more redness and pus, it’s time to go see your doctor. One thing you can do at home to treat your ingrown toenail if you notice it before it gets too far along is to put a piece of cotton under the nail in order to separate the nail from the overlaying skin. This may allow the nail to grow above the edge of the skin.
If this doesn’t work you will probably have to remove part of the nail and the skin that the nail was starting to grow into. It is best to try soaking in Epsom’s salt, maybe even three or four times a day for a few days to get the area clean and soft before clearing out the problem. There are a variety of tools to use for ingrown toenail treatment but a good ingrown toenail clippers and tweezers should work for everything you will need to do, just make sure the tools are all sterile before use and to wipe the toenail area down with an alcohol swab before and after your done.

It will hurt but the pain can be reduced by numbing creams and ice. It is best to take care of it as soon as you can as the problem and the pain will only get worse if not treated. Each toe is different but what you need to do is snip off the part of the nail that is growing against the skin, you may need to pull the piece or of nail and some dead skin out. Then wash the area thoroughly. Keep bandaged for a few days with triple antibiotic ointment. Change the bandage daily, more than just once if needed, to keep an eye on it and if it seems to be getting any worse you will need to see your doctor

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Sweet Marie

I have pulled my toenail out of my toe more times than I care to say. Because my second and all the other toes are very short, my big toe is bulbous. The pressure on my toe when I walk causes the nail to grow into the side. Cutting the nail straight across causes a lot of problems. The nail punctures the skin and causes pain. To stop this from happening, I always cut the edges of the nail at an angle eliminating the sharp corner at the sides of the top of the nail. I have not had any problems for twenty years or more since using this method.

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