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I am pretty slim. I weigh only 127 pounds and I am 5'5' tall. I do have big butt, though, which I like. I exercise and eat healthy but I do have a cellulite that got worde over the years.
I started making these wraps with equal amounts of epsom salt and coffee grinds (used). I mix them together, add a bit of water to get a paste, put it on my thighs and butt and wrap them with a plastic food wrap. I put tight shorts over in and walk around the hous doing chores for abour haf hour. 2-3 times a week and my cellulite is reducing nocieably. However, it's hard to be consistent with it, when you're busy. Plus, it's really messy, so you need to do in the tub. It also drips when you walk around, so you need to wrap a paper towel or something arounf your knees. You don't want coffee to stain your carpets while you walk around with it.

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To keep the mess off your floors or carpets, put vaseline on bottom of your feet with waxed paper barefoot. If it runs it will go on the waxed paper and you will still be ableto walk around.

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