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This Is a RE-POST (page 8) but

I'm encouraged by the fact that the original post got so many responses and that overall VINEGAR post seem to get the most votes every time. I thought the purpose of this site was to share effective NATURAL CURES. Too many of these post still advise using chemicals. Remember what everything you put ON your skin is the same as EATING the thing. Household cleaners, OTC and prescription meds tax your body over time.

Please TRY VINEGAR and remember to also treat your shoes and hosiery with the apple cider VINEGAR ( whatever your ph ) in order to KEEP ATHLETES FOOT AWAY.

BTW Skip the bleach soak. Thanks to VINEGAR, I am now almost 3 years athletes foot free!!!

Original post:

I just had to add my two cents. I've seen some really bizarre home remedies on this forum, but please try Vinegar its cheap, all natural non-toxic and on the money!!!

I had athletes foot for close to 40 years. I got it as a teen camp counselor when I monitored kids from the poolside while barefoot. Last Summer I just happen to read about the vinegar cure online which recommended soaking feet in a small amount of vinegar added to warm water. But Instead, I did my usual 1/2 cup bleach to a foot tub of hot soapy water with my usual cool water rinse, scrape, scrub and dry pedicure routine.

Then, being the extremist that I am, the NEXT DAY after showering I put some undiluted vinegar in a smallish spray bottle and THOROUGHLY sprayed my feet 2- 3 times daily for about 3 weeks. It was Summer and I was usually in flip flops or open sandals. The Vinegar was quite cooling and the itching stopped immediately. But what I finally figured out, which only two of the 71 respondents on this forum barely mentioned, is that:


so that you don't re-contaminate your feet. Funny I don' recall reading that on all those tubes of Dessenex, Tinactin and Lotrimin I've consumed over the years.

I got a bottle of vinegar and poured a little in the toe area of EVERY PAIR OF SHOES I OWN. I swished it around then THOROUGHLY wiped the insides out heel to toe. I even put a few pairs in the sunlight to dry. Not only did the acidic vinegar kill the fungus but it also acted as a natural deodorizer so my shoes were all smelling 'springtime fresh' when they dried- not at all vinegary.

I am happy to say I am 8 months athletes foot free, I have NOT had one ferocious midnight itching episode since my treatment; and. my feet are actually starting to look attractive. I'm finally looking forward to being barefoot on the beach.

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