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Plz dont try ear candling, as it is a hoax. The ear wax reported is actually from the candle and can cause severe damage. Read about it.
I recommend, tho, ear irrigation at the doctor (when they squirt water and have wax come out.)

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No, It is not a hoax.


I do this a lot and it pulls out do much wax


I usually candle when I have a large amount of pressure in my head, and it will release the pressure and provide immediate relief! Candling is awesome!


Ear candling is no hoax, it works better than anything! I usually put a few drops of oil in my ear a couple of days before. Mullein Flower oil is great, but olive oil works as well.


i also have tried the ear candles they do not work my husband believed in them till one day i got one and placed it between a paper plate and held it upright to burn as usual and noticed alot of wax in the candle but didnt have it in the ear? so my opinion is they dont work try it and you will see that its not the wax from your ear in the candle


It is so not a hoax, iI use ear candles all the time and can hear really well after using them.


I had an ear candle melt wax back down into my ear it was agony BE CAREFUL


You understand of course that the 'ear candle' is not actually a candle. It is a cone made of a special paper and impregnated with some type of wax. When the top is lit and the other end inserted into the ear the the rising heat from the smoldering top draws wax into the base of the cone. My family has used this method with very good results. The only danger I see with it is if the user falls asleep. The cone could burn down to the ear.

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