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Hoping for the best MZ

I'm 21 female and just a couple hours ago was told I have HPV Genital Warts...;( totally devasted about the whole ordeal.
I went in for the std check up because a couple days ago after having sex with my bf , I felt around my anal area and felt these weird bumps.
I'm a googler and also a over thinker I started assuming what I could be.
thought back on a couple months ago when my bf and I were having relation ship troubles..I started going out alot drinking and smoking more than usual and with guy friend..had to many drinks also feeling like shit because my nd was showing no interest in me and being just a complete ass. This guy sweet talked my ear and as your guessing, yes I slept with him.
one time thing but that has now caught up with me because I'm now caught trying to get rid of this grotesque thing. but as I was saying before I rambled on I googled images on genital warts just assuming that's what it was..mine aren't bad as the pictures showed. but I still had no doubt that I was right. so this morning I called my mom and had her come over so I could let all this out. I'm very thankful she understood and was there for me. She went with me to the local clinic and I was told they were indeed genital warts.
I could not stop crying and thinking about how to tell my partner.
luckily he didn't take it as I thought. I told him he needs to go get tested too since we obviously had sexual contact and he could be infected.
I've been reading alot about acv,tree oil, the vitamins for the immune system..I have felt very weak and fatigue lately with no appetite so I know my body is weak. I'm hoping I can get through this I'm feeling so depressed. reading your posts have made me feel better knowing yours went away.
wish me luck guys will keep posted
hoping it don't burn to bad since mine are very close to anus. fingers crossed will keep updated

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Any new updates? Could use a little hope..

hoping for the best MZ

I'm sorry I haven't updated. I stopped the acv & tree oil after I got that comment about making them spread. It scared me.
I am still taking the vitamins and the emergen c, also been trying not to stress so much. I rub monistat on the area once on awhile when I feel an itch, they have reduced alot almost gone. :))

The Lord is helping me fight this. Prayer can go a long way.


How do u clean ur self without it burning?

hoping for the best MZ

What do u mean without it burning? Did u use acv? And its raw? If so I didn't rub it just let water fall on it. If it not that then not mine doesn't burn


hey ive a small 3 spots of genital warts, and ive been freakibg out on it and makes me loose my appetite and such, i feel weak sometimes and have panic attac, i rili hope i can talk to someone who experience the same thing, yes i went to the gyne and she said it is hpv genital warts.i rili hope someone can talk to me or email to me

hoping for the best MZ

Hey Guys i'm back new update! WE NEED TO STOP STRESSING!! im stressing soo much and freaking out over guilt and soo much bullshit that i think im making them spread. i havent used the acv or tree oil. still drinking the vitamins but have been effin up and drinking a tad more than when i found out more like these past 2 weeks. im feeling more itching since they are on my anus..i havent went back to see if they are in my anus i think they are :( because of how embarrasing it is. im gonna try garlic oil or putting a garlic up there :// i have been putting this powder on my butt that has zinc oxide its suppose to help skin irritations and stuff it feels cool after you put it on. it has been helping my itching a ton. today i also noticed my inner labia under my clitoris is being very sensative kinda reddish its really bothering me. idk what to do. ive been so depressed i think im making it worse. sorry for my bad grammer havent been in school so forget when and where to put a period lol anyways..i will try and stay updating more cause i know we all need it. if anything anyone wanna talk and let some stress out since we are going through this same shit you guys can email me

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