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Hoping for the best MZ

I'm 21 female and just a couple hours ago was told I have HPV Genital Warts...;( totally devasted about the whole ordeal.
I went in for the std check up because a couple days ago after having sex with my bf , I felt around my anal area and felt these weird bumps.
I'm a googler and also a over thinker I started assuming what I could be.
thought back on a couple months ago when my bf and I were having relation ship troubles..I started going out alot drinking and smoking more than usual and with guy friend..had to many drinks also feeling like shit because my nd was showing no interest in me and being just a complete ass. This guy sweet talked my ear and as your guessing, yes I slept with him.
one time thing but that has now caught up with me because I'm now caught trying to get rid of this grotesque thing. but as I was saying before I rambled on I googled images on genital warts just assuming that's what it was..mine aren't bad as the pictures showed. but I still had no doubt that I was right. so this morning I called my mom and had her come over so I could let all this out. I'm very thankful she understood and was there for me. She went with me to the local clinic and I was told they were indeed genital warts.
I could not stop crying and thinking about how to tell my partner.
luckily he didn't take it as I thought. I told him he needs to go get tested too since we obviously had sexual contact and he could be infected.
I've been reading alot about acv,tree oil, the vitamins for the immune system..I have felt very weak and fatigue lately with no appetite so I know my body is weak. I'm hoping I can get through this I'm feeling so depressed. reading your posts have made me feel better knowing yours went away.
wish me luck guys will keep posted
hoping it don't burn to bad since mine are very close to anus. fingers crossed will keep updated

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hoping for the best MZ

Yeah I went to a clinic. She referred me to a dermatologist but I have no insurance, no job, no money. so I decided to try a home remedy since my warts are small. its about the size of a dime in total not so bad. Thanks PA-C

I haven't put anything on today. I did not want to go through the burning pain.
I did take my vitamins though, I'm thinking about applying some tree oil for a but before bed.


What kind of vitamins are you taking? Do you think they are helping?

hoping for the best MZ

I'm taking womens one a day multivitamin, plus vitamin a, vitamin b-12, also emergen-c immune defense..Im gonna start on some vitamin c & e too as soon as I get some money for them..
I think they are helping , I'm hoping they are.
I got my appetite back and I'm not feeling so fatigued anymore.

Update: I was checking the area before I got in the shower and I noticed that in my raw spots, there are white tiny dots. I'm scared that it can be warts coming in and it hurts too much to put the acv. (I tried to put some on but the pain was unbearable).
If anyone knows could it be? Or does skin down there look like that while its raw and in the process of healing?.

hoping for the best MZ

So I've been putting tree oil on once a day to avoid damaging my skin more. Also I put diaper rash cream on my raw spots...I've been getting really itchy down there and its making me freak a bit...


How bad r your warts?

Itching can be a good and bad thing.
The good is that it is just the skin healing from the raw patches.
The bad is that more warts could possiblely be forming! So the best I can tell you is keep an eye out down there.

hoping for the best MZ

I have 2 I think they are small and I could see some white dots from others that were forming the first day I did the acv but I think those are gone now.
And yeah I think it's cuz of the raw patches.. I hope so


Hun my advice to you is let your body fight it off! My case started out with 3 lil warts but I freaked out when I found out and started to use all these online treatments and now I can till you it was my BIGGEST mistake down there now looks like the pictures you see on the internet and the pain is Hell!!!!

hoping for the best MZ

I didn't think your body can fight them off if they have already appeared?
Thanks though.... now Idk if I should keep with acv& tree oil or leave it scared to spread it.. And scared for it to spread by itself.


I have heard that your immune system can fight off small warts and this usually occurs in the first two years of contracting the virus. But most people choose to treat because they want them gone quickly. So really its just a personal preference. Good luck to you all.


Well I am a 44 year old women who was told two weeks ago she has genital warts. My marriage broke up 18 months ago and I suspected he was cheating, have since found another partner and we both had STD tests prior to having unprotected sex so i was so disappointed, but then found out that standard STD do not pick this up. Luckily for me my partner totally understands and the fact is either of us could have the HPV virus that is causing my warts. At the moment they are not too large they are in my perium area (you don't spell like that I know) I was putting tea tree oil on, they swelled, turned white then grey and looked flat, however over xmas I have not been using it as intensely as my partner was here I noticed last night after a bath they were larger again and once I put tea tree oil on they swelled and went white again, this morning looking better but clearly the lesson is to keep going. I have also brought some garlic capsules which I am going to start today, can anyone give me an indicated on how long the tea tree treatment should take I know its perserveance but I would like an indication thankyou.

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