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Hoping for the best MZ

I'm 21 female and just a couple hours ago was told I have HPV Genital Warts...;( totally devasted about the whole ordeal.
I went in for the std check up because a couple days ago after having sex with my bf , I felt around my anal area and felt these weird bumps.
I'm a googler and also a over thinker I started assuming what I could be.
thought back on a couple months ago when my bf and I were having relation ship troubles..I started going out alot drinking and smoking more than usual and with guy friend..had to many drinks also feeling like shit because my nd was showing no interest in me and being just a complete ass. This guy sweet talked my ear and as your guessing, yes I slept with him.
one time thing but that has now caught up with me because I'm now caught trying to get rid of this grotesque thing. but as I was saying before I rambled on I googled images on genital warts just assuming that's what it was..mine aren't bad as the pictures showed. but I still had no doubt that I was right. so this morning I called my mom and had her come over so I could let all this out. I'm very thankful she understood and was there for me. She went with me to the local clinic and I was told they were indeed genital warts.
I could not stop crying and thinking about how to tell my partner.
luckily he didn't take it as I thought. I told him he needs to go get tested too since we obviously had sexual contact and he could be infected.
I've been reading alot about acv,tree oil, the vitamins for the immune system..I have felt very weak and fatigue lately with no appetite so I know my body is weak. I'm hoping I can get through this I'm feeling so depressed. reading your posts have made me feel better knowing yours went away.
wish me luck guys will keep posted
hoping it don't burn to bad since mine are very close to anus. fingers crossed will keep updated

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hoping for the best MZ

I started the acv about an hour ago..felt a lil itch while I had it on about it no burning or pain yet. The warts turned white and I was also able to see new ones that were in the process. I cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide then put tree oil on them it feels cool refreshing I don't really know how long to keep this on so I'm gonna leave it til I shower which is 2 or 3 hrs. Then I'm gonna do the acv over night.
I also bought a multivitamin and emergen c immune defense that i will start in the a.m. will keep updated!! :))

hoping for the best MZ

So I left the acv on overnight. I'm thinking I might start to use toilet paper instead of cotton balls not sure yet. But I took the acv off this morning warts were white don't seem any different from yesterday, I was able to see the other lil white dot of the ones that were in process still. I applied tree oil with cotton balls I've had it on about 10 mins now. Goes on cool refreshing and now I'm feeling a burning sensation almost as if I had a fire on my ass. Its tolerable. I can tolerate pain I've had worse pains.
I'm still not sure how long to leave the tree oil on for maybe 1 hr or until the burning sensation wears off..
I started multivitamin this morning and emergen-c ruby honey lemon I should have got the orange I had to force myself to swallow it almost puked. :// so I don't recommend that one. Alright that's all for now will keep updated


I wouldn't use toilet paper if your gunna let the ACV sit because the toilet begins to break up and pieces get stuck and can cause burning

hoping for the best MZ

Ohh ok thanks:)) I was thinking it would stick better. Thanks for letting me know.


Your welcome I wish you good luck! Keep us posted.

hoping for the best MZ

After I removed the tree oil yesterday I cleaned the area and left it with nothing I kinda got scared because the whole area turned grey the warts were still white kinda slight grey. This morning when I woke I took my vitamins, then applied acv. As soon as it touched my skin it burned like a mf oh my Jesus it burns. I've had it on for almost an hr..if I move a lot its worse I have to stop and take deep breaths to deal with the pain. I'm hoping to notice more of a change after I remove the acv. I'm debating wether to apply tree oil after the acv because it burns so much right now..

hoping for the best MZ

I did not end up putting the tree oil on.

I took a shower before bed. cleaned the area with hydrogen peroxide my affected area is all grey the dead skin? It's peeling off I have like 3 raw patches...:// I applied acv gonna try and keep it over night...most likely wont I'm in soooo much pain like I'm crying and screaming from it but I got it on. I want this gone. I'm gonna try and stick it out for and hr atleast. *deep breaths* ;((


I have tried the ACV treatment and I couldn't bear the pain and it wasn't helpful for me NOT saying it won't work for you it does for many but I do know that your body needs a break because ACV can cause sores and this can cause infection so becareful and give yourself a break!

hoping for the best MZ

Yeah I'm giving myself a break now.

I didn't leave it on over night. I didn't wanna burn my skin more I left it for 2 hrs then cleaned it and put neosporin on. Don't think I spelled that right anyway.
This morning i took my vitamins then I cleaned the area again and rubbed tree oil on it , didn't not tape it on. Left that for an hr and re applied neosporin.
I noticed that the more noticable warts are looking more like lumps and not warty which is good sign :) right? Im gonna just keep re applying neosporin for the rest of the day and tomorrow I will put acv or tree oil on again.

Ivan PA-C

ACV works in only a few cases, The fact you went to a emergency room/clinic and they did not tell you what the correct method for removing them bothers me. I am a physicians assistant. You need to go to a dermatologist, You can also go to a woman's clinic. either one you choose, If you do not have insurance, I suggest the woman's clinic. They will Give you a freezing treatment. You will have to have the application done a few times, usually takes about 2 months, or less, depending on the size of the warts and the amount and size of the area. Visiting once a week. I suggest you keep the area very very clean down there, using a antibacterial soap. If you wish to suggest further, I would be willing to council you in private of this webpage.

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