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Hi all,

I have been using ACV to treat my genital warts for about 3 months now. I found ACV to be very effective for smaller warts, but for the ones that had deeper roots (a problem I believe was caused by my using Freeze away on them-this didn't work and I think actually made them infect the deeper skin levels) it was very difficult to keep up with the treatment until the infected tissue was gone. For the bigger ones, I basically had to burn off the skin down to the dermis (under layer of skin, looks all red and 'meaty') to get rid of the warty tissue. This largely worked though unfortunately one of my larger warts came back, and I also had the problem of periodic spreading when I had all these open sores down there.

Anyway, I had noticed people talking about tea tree oil on here, and though I was skeptical, I decided to do some research. I was pretty confident with the ACV treatment, since the active ingredient is acetic acid (which is why you can really use any kind of vinegar, fyi) which is structurally quite similar to trichloracetic acid, one of the remedies doctors use in the office.

So I started to do some research into herbs traditionally used for genital warts. There is not much information on the mechanism of action for tea tree oil, but it is a general antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial agent so I figured it was plausible that it could work on warts.

I also looked into the herbs celandine, thuja and mandrake root.

Celandine (aka chelidonium) is a plant extract, and has historically been used to treat warts. The sap contains proteolytic enzymes and and a cysteine protease inhibitor called chelidostatin. This sounds complicated, but basically proteolytic enzymes are involved in breaking down proteins (which would be great if it could specifically target viral proteins) and cysteine protease inhibitors are involved in a variety of biochemical processes in the body, including immune response. So basically these chemicals may plausibly help the body attack the HPV virus in the skin. Celandine, like thuja, has also been noted to have anti-cancer properties.

Thuja oil is extracted from the thuja tree, a species of evergreen tree, and has been used as a treatment for genital warts for centuries. Thuja has antiviral effects and has been shown to be an effective treatment for herpes as well as regular warts. It contains thujone, a chemical that has been shown to induce the proliferation of CD4 T cells (white blood cells that attack viruses and bacteria) as well as increasing the production of cytokines (interleukin, another important antiviral immune response). So I don't think it's unreasonable that thuja could have beneficial effects on genital warts.

Most importantly, I did some research into mandrake root extract (aka mayapple). The scientific name of the plant is podophyllum peltatum, and the effective ingredient in mandrake is podophyllotoxin. Notably, podophyllotoxin is the primary ingredient in the prescription drug Condylox, which is regulated by the FDA and is an approved treatment for genital warts (and the only drug I know of besides Aldara used for genital warts). Condylox has a fairly high rate of effectiveness, though naturally that is going to be a much more concentrated formula, being pharmaceutical grade. Podophyllotoxin is fairly well-studied and works by disrupting the cell cycle (not sure if/how it specifically targets virally-infected cells, but you're supposed to cover healthy skin with vaseline when using Condylox so perhaps it is non-specific).

Anyway, with this information I got herbal extracts and oils for tea tree, mandrake root, thuja and celandine (all available online through New Wave Herbs-this was the only place where I could find mandrake root, which is rarer). I had had an outbreak of gws pretty much all over my penis shaft so I applied each of these basically all over by dabbing with a cotton ball three times I day without diluting. It did not hurt but after a couple days I noticed my skin turning red and dry, which I thought was caused by the extracts drying my skin out, so I applied vitamin E oil and neosporin and continued the treatment. I did this for about 4 days total, when my skin got very hard and crusty and began to ache. The pain was not as bad as with the ACV treatment, but I was a little concerned because it basically looked like I had second degree burns all over my penis. Additionally, the very large wart began to turn white, which I wasn't expecting since I had discontinued the ACV treatment.

Anyway, I stopped applying the oils and over the next three days several developments happened. The warts that I had previously identified with ACV turned white, especially the large one, and the skin in these areas came off over the next few days. The rest of my skin remained red and crusty, quite painful, and eventually peeled off as well. All in all the effects of the treatment appeared to be similar to those of ACV, with the warts turning white and then coming off.

This all occurred in the span of about a week, and I am still in the recovery phase. Wherever I applied the oils the skin peeled off, and where the warts were (especially the large one) it looks like warty tissue has been eliminated-it's pretty much down to the dermis, as it looked after my aggressive ACV treatment. Everything is pretty sore but getting better each day. Unfortunately since I used a mixture of the oils/extracts I have no idea which of them caused my skin to burn off. I guess I should say that before I tried the thuja, celandine and mandrake, I used tea tree oil (since you can get it pretty much anywhere), soaked a paper towel in it then wrapped it around my penis for about 15-20 minutes. Towards the end of this I experienced the most excruciating pain ever, at least as bad as the ACV if not worse, and I panicked and jumped in the shower but washing it off didn't help. After about half an hour the pain subsided, but over the course of the next few days my skin down there basically dried out and then came off in layers. So I would definitely NOT recommend putting TTO on for a long period of time. This was about a week before I added the other remedies to my treatment, and I wasn't fully healed, so it's really hard to say what caused the damage down there.

My plan right now is to let everything heal, and then use ACV to reevaluate the gw situation down there and move forward. Though I experienced extensive skin damage from these herbal remedies, I'm actually pretty confident that they work. In the future I will definitely try to apply them to the warts only and not healthy skin, as let me tell you, burning off all the skin on your penis is not so much fun. I'm also planning to make a mixture of these four substances and dilute them with vitamin E oil and castor oil (the latter which may also have antiviral properties due to the presence of ricin). The herbal remedies I found online that included mandrake root recommended diluting it, since it can be very harsh on skin, but I guess in my frustration with my situation I got a little too overeager.

I hope this information has been helpful, and please, if you decide to use any of these herbal treatments, proceed with caution! Just because they're herbal doesn't mean they can't damage your skin. Test a small patch of skin for each one to see if you're allergic, and try to keep the oils on infected skin and not healthy skin. I would also recommend diluting them but at this point I'm not sure what dilution would work best. Good luck and stay positive!

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Well it's been nearly a month since my last post, and my entire penis and scrotum are healed. I don't have any itching or visible warts to speak of, but I haven't done an ACV test in a while so I can't be 100% sure. I may wrap everything in ACV-soaked toilet paper in the next few days to do a sort of diagnostic test. But at any rate, it looks like something I did worked and I am (tentatively) thrilled.

The last thing I tried was a combination of tea tree oil, mandrake root extract, thuja oil, and celandine extract. I actually had to stop using the TTO because I think I'm allergic to it-it was burning like crazy and turning everything red down there. I also started putting the other extracts on more carefully, applying to specific spots rather than all over the place as before. After my initial 3-4 day treatment I let my skin heal then did one more treatment on the remaining warts (or what I suspected were warts) and, let me tell you, it really looks like I'm all clear down there. And there was almost no pain from the extracts. If you have an open sore or any slight abrasions they burn just a little, nothing unbearable.

Honestly, if I were to recommend an overall treatment (I'm not a doctor or anything this is just based on my personal experience!) I would say go for the ACV treatment, apply for 2-4 hours once or twice a day, and in the downtime apply the oils/extracts I mentioned above. You can just swab them on with a Q-tip; I wouldn't recommend applying the oils for long periods of time. Do this until the ACV becomes unbearable, then give that a rest while continuing to apply the oils 3x a day (though I wouldn't apply the oils for more than 4 or so days, which is what I did). Take lots of vitamins, I tried garlic pills but not sure if they helped, worth a shot though. Try to be healthy, stay unstressed, and be positive. Remember that positive thinking can absolutely be healing in itself! Good luck everybody.


What's TTO ?


tea tree oil

Anne mouse

Hey thats great, This is wonderful news /. After years I found I have hpv, and all the legends and myths clicked, adam and even and the dragon> man dragon man drake. Mandrake. THankyou Jk rowling, and pans labyrinth.

Tea tea and thuja are toxic as oil and will burn because of the fire contained inside the herb. I also have burned the shaft and balls and man o man. WHEw. with garlic ginger thuja, tea tree, hot pepper. Know wonder the witchs worship it. It heals your dick. Mandrake. I have to get me some of that. Its funny too cause I know where a bunch is at my exes house. Lol. Under my nose THE WHOLE F***ING TIME@@>@>@>@> yeee haaawww


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