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Just take sweet oil on a cotton ball and shove it in ur ear and sleep with the cotton ball side up so the oils gradually work and in the morning it's all better

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An Englishman

If you spell 'your' 'ur' why would I trust your remedy? Grow up... learn to spell!


really grow up, its just short hand. I take it you don't text too much. and just because a person can't spell doesn't mean they don't have good advice- quite small minded.

I agree with ur remedy nana used to do this for us - warm olive oil on a cotton ball in the ear.


Hi Luke.very good tip!I agree in what you said there and for that Englishman he should be ashamed of saying something like they say ENGLISHMAN if u dnt hav sumtin nice 2 say dnt say netin @ all!hope u can understand that.Luke could be the most gifted person and not spell but it is now 2012.I think you need to do the growing up and stop living in the olden days.



It makes me sad that this is the state of our world... someone tries to write something online that he/she thinks will help others and is ridiculed instead of being appreciated. This is just a small example of how our world operates.
...I for one, will try this remedy tonight to get rid of this annoying ear ache!:) Thank you for the tip!:)


Where can I find that oil? I've been having this pain for about a week now and the drops I was given by a doctor is not working. I'm up in pain right now as I'm writing this. Thanks.


Sweet oil is Olive Oil...I just found this out today :)

ME Mahoney

These comments are ridiculous! Really?! You have to point out that someone didn't spell something correctly. Mistakes happen. It just so happens that, this advise actually works. My daughter was suffering from chronic ear infections, and someone suggested to me to try this. It worked like a charm. Luckily, she grew out of getting the infections all the time, but this definitely did work for her.


This remedy has been for ages by our grandparents, and passed on to us by our mothers. I'm applying it one my daughter right now and now it will work like a charm. Englishman shame on u!


Englishman waiting for u to criticize my spelling mistake

Yeah now what

Those that use exclamtion points like yourself are highly uneducated. Those should be reserved for comic books and childrens books, which by the level of your crueliness is probably exactly what you read. BTW GF urself

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