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Hello all, I thanked God for the day I found this site. I have not yet been diagnosed with herpes, but I have all the symptoms. I was forced into unprotected sex with someone I was dating, it was very painful as he is larger than normal and I hadn't been sexually active for a while. I thought I could trust him so I didn't worry too much for the first few days, the third day after I noticed I felt sore and had a perennial laceration and a yeast infection. I saught medical attention and was prescribed antibiotics and a cream and advised to do the sitz bath twice a day and after each bowel action. I am a nurse so based on my knowledge I had already been doing sitz baths. On the 5th day I noticed the lymph nodes in my groin began to swell. This alarmed me because that is a key sign of a STI. I asked him if he had anything he wanted to tell me like symptoms or anything of that sort, soon after her revealed that he had unprotected sex with a gurl a month before me. I was soo shocked, afraid, angry, riddled with emotions. Anyway, I then noticed large bumps (about 3) on my labia majora. They were painless and hard, 2 days later they became sore n raw and appeared to be canchre sores. They became more numerous and burned and stinged a whole lot. I went to the STI clinic and was told by the family nurse practitioner that it looked like genital herpes and I would have to do a blood test to confirm, but I would be treated for It just the same so I was placed on Acyclovir 200mg 5times daily. At first I took it lightly because I had already suspected that diagnosis so I told myself it was herpes as a means of coping, so a positive diagnosis wouldn't shock me. A day later I broke down into a spiral of depression as the pain became worse n worse, and nothing I did would alleviate it. I tried panadol 500mg, Voltaren 50mg, Arcoxia 60mg, I even tried emla cream and nothing helped. I was afraid of overdose. I have not yet received my result but I have already stared to cope with the GH diagnosis, so discovering it is something else would just be a relief. After finding this site I got the idea of making a paste, I had been walking wide and with a limp before and was at first afraid to try it but the pain and the discomfort and anticipating the questions at work I figured it had nothing to lose. So
1. Get 500mg panadol and 200mg Acvlcovir
2. Crush it
3. Mix some zinc oxide and emla and add the powder and make a paste
4. Apply generously to the sores after doing your sitz bath and drying with a blow dryer.
5. Enjoy the relief
I don't know if this will work for you, but the instant relief I felt made me cry as the pain stopped me from functioning
Mentally dealing with an STI is ok for me as I know 1 in 5 people have it and do not know, and I work with patients with these diseases every day. I never once thought I was immune as regardless of being forced, I took a huge risk.
All the best to u all, and please remember you are not dirty, you are all still beautiful, take this a lesson to be safer then next time, this condition only requires a mild adjustment of your life, so live it to the fullest just the same. <3

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Ok I have 2 start by saying forced is rape period n that's how I got it u might disapproved cause ur career but bleach works take a bath w a 3rd cup n rinse well but put some on a qtip it burns but works use a lil bag balm after the bleach it 2 eases the pain


Have been using bleach n bag balm 4 yrs 2 heal my blisters but thz 2 info on this site I tried something new 2nit dont kno how well it'll work 2 heal but I actually dont hurt 4 now I always wash w dial then I repeatedly apply bleach w a qtip n it will burn like hell but 2nite instead o bag balm I made a paste o lemon balm extract n siberian ginsing n applied it burned 4 a few seconds but now can't feel a Thing let u kno in da morn if it helps da healing process


When I went to get tested the first time I was already worried i had GH, but at the time I had no sores, and they told me they couldn't test for it by blood!!! I'm so confused by this because I have seen in numerous places online that people have had blood tests. In other words, they couldn't tell me anything because they said I had to have a sore for them to swab. So I had to wait. :(

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