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Learnt from experience

Ok, so for about 5 days I started itching and then it got on my nerves.
So I did my research and I discovers an overnight cure. It's a herbal medicine called Pau D' Arco (poor-de-arco)
It was brilliant and totally natural.
I had a teaspoon in a glass of water and it Pretty much stopped the next morning.
It came. Ack a little that night but by the next morning it was great!!!

So Remember
• 1 teaspoon in 1 glass of water.(don't just have the teaspoon
• if it comes back just repeat previous step.
• I find it works best if you have the glass Just before bed
• sleep is the very best medicine so get as much as you can.

Please note
I am not a doctor and I cannot be blamed for any mistreatment of my advice.
Results may vary.

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PLEASE TALK TO A DOCTOR BEFORE YOU TRY THIS AT HOME: This can be highly toxic and in high doses can cause serious problems, and those with bleeding disorders or similar disorders with blood should avoid unless prescribed by a doctor, vomiting is a sign of toxcity in the body (not good), Pregnate women should not take this at all because of the risk of bleeding. Those that have not taken this should know that any amount can interfer with the bodies ablity to clot. I am all for natural cures or aids but those that are inexperienced should be aware of the potential dangers of this type of treatment. I am in no way telling a person this a form of treatment. Good luck!

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