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I'm a 19 yo female. So I have literally tried every single thing I've seen on this page for the past few months. ACV hurts too much, tried pulling them out, which is impossible cause they cover every cm of the inside of my vag and all over my clitoris, and then started to have itching around anus, put some acv on it and sure enough it started to burn and lovely white bumps started popping up. At this point I did not leave my house for a week bc of the itching, was taking a ridiculous amount of expensive supplements, and learned that the expression 'I just threw up in my mouth' actually exists, this virus is so nasty looking. My fiancee found out and left me, didn't cheat, he just told me that it was too gross to be with me along with some other things that were so hateful that it crushed me. I'm a model signed with a big agency, who booked me for several amazing jobs, but they all involved leotards/bikinis/outfits that made me super uncomfortable so I had to turn them down. My life was hitting rock bottom fast. Then my crazy aunt was telling me that if Jesus could raise the dead, cure leprosy, turn water to wine, then why wouldn't he be able to cure hpv. It's kind of funny how crazy it sounds to think of miracles like that happening today, so I dismissed it. Went to church the next morning...the message was all about healing and how you just have to ask god to heal you and believe with your whole heart that you are healed...I thought, wow, that sounds like tinkerbell, and dismissed it. When I got back to my house, got out of the car and my bible fell out and hit the ground, I picked it up and on that page my eyes just saw “And the Lord will take away from you all sickness, and will afflict you with none of the terrible diseases of Egypt which you have known, but will lay them on all those who hate you.” (Deuteronomy 7:15) At that point I was a little curious from everything happening at once, I got inside and decided to give it a try. It was honestly one of the weirdest things I have ever done, talking out loud to a person I wasn't even sure was listening or there for that matter. Oddly enough, I got really into it begging him to heal me, I kinda laughed at myself when I thought about what I just did. 4 days later they were completely gone, I was in shock...and the best part of it was three days after that my ex calls and says he has them and sure enough his ex had them and he slept with her while we were together so he's the one who gave it to me. then he begged for me to forgive him, I will not be getting back with someone like that. All I can say is Thank You, Jesus!!! haha I have my life back. I know this post sounds crazy trust me I still think its crazy, I sound like my aunt, but it's true and I'm in shock but overwhelmed by how incredible He is and how I would have never thought reading this a few months ago that Jesus would work better than garlic pills, tto, and acv haha So I would definitely recommend everyone stop burning skin off your body and just pray!

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Hmmm. Yeah, no. Not buying it...

Hoping for the best. MZ

Congrats!! I'm 21 and I'm so devastated just found out a couple hours ago, that I have hpv genital warts. I'm so disgusted with myself. I believe God heals.
Tomorrow I will start my acv treatment and hopefully kill these little suckers and never have them again. Wish me luck!!


Gimme a g#* dam break, they must have been pimples


Believe or just have faith, being negative is the only thing that don't work on a healing process. I'm 20 and I was diagnosed with HPV 5 years ago, just started getting warts, they are really small, but I am so scared. Im afraid acv id spreading them more


Praise God! that was very encouraging!! keep persisting in prayer! please pray for me.

Miss distress

I prayed and mine are all gone but one which is very tiny and I am thrilled with the results! God heals:) I also was applying blistex to the affected areas as well and taking one a days and vitamin c supplements.


your warts may be gone but u still carry the virus and number one they may return and number two be sure to tell any potential partners before hand that u have it. otherwise ur young little ass could b sued in court.

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