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i sometimes get really bad head-aches and i find that this remedy always works! hold your breath and pinch your nose for as long as you can and then slowly breath out and in, do this a couple of times and the pain should go away! its always worked for me! hope you feel better soon.

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I have had a head-ache for about 4 hours now. I literally just took an excedrin migraine and then I opened a Pepsi and took 3 sips. I know I am suppossed to wait for them to kick in, but instead I came onto this site and saw your Remedy for head-aches.....HOLY CRAP!!!! When I started to hold my breath I felt the pressure come off above my eyebrows INSTANTLY. I can't beleive it had such an affect so rapidly. THANK YOU.


Though that might work, it's unhealthy because it kills brain cells :(


i think this works ok. My headace went away but came back , then again i never get head aches


This remedy actually killed my awful migraine. My migraine so bad, I actually started to cry! Luckily I came across this remedy. I am so happy that it worked and I am thankful for this remedy.


Didn't work for me.


... I love u for this.


To the previous poster - holding your breath kills your brain cells? You've got to be joking. Where you dug up that 'information'?


Works : )

Texas sweetie

Okay, I hold my breath and pinch my nose...closed? Or pinch it at the bridge? And then breathe slowly through my mouth, I'm guessing...? Because if I'm pinching my nose closed, it's kinda hard to breathe through it, lol...


Oh my GOD yay!
I've been very sick -- vomiting, body aches, bad phlegm/coughing -- and all of that pain and hacking and puking gave me the absolute worst headache.
I'm not generally into homeopathy (I'm a poor college student), so I don't have things like feveroot and fresh ginger lying around. When I saw this remedy, I was sure it would make my headache worse, but it provided instant relief!
It's only temporary relief, but I'll take what I can get!

Thanks for posting!

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