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I started going grey in my early thirties. I was alarmed, and my husband probably was, too, encouraging me to dye it. So in my late thirties I began covering it with hair color. Every 5 or 6 weeks for 15 years. When my husband died 3 years ago, I began to lose interest in 'keeping up appearnaces,' so I told my beautician to just forget the color treatment, and give me an easy-care short haircut. As the grey grew out, I got a lot of puzzled looks and comments from friends and co-workers. But as it turned out, my natural grey pattern is stunning---I regularly have strangers come up to me to tell me my hair is beautiful (NEVER got that when I was coloring it). My hairdresser is as her wits end every time I'm in there, because other customers ask her after I leave if she can 'color' their hair like mine. I wish I had saved all that money over the years, and I especially wish my husband could see me now: I think he, too, would be telling me how beautiful my hair looks. I know this isn't technically a 'remedy' for grey hair, but it is as 'natural' and as 'homegrown' a solution for grey hair as you can get.

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grey hair is a natural occurring process that begins at the roots. some people are less partial to its seedy behaviour but i say hey! lets all just live a little and have a grey-t time!!

Denise G

Well said. In my early 30s l too stared to get a white streak in my hair. I'm a redhead we don't get grey hair . But white due to are prigment in our hair. I loved the white streak that was on my right temple but now 20yrs later it's kinda pink!

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