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Okayy, so about 10 minutes ago i developed heartburn. I started googling remedies and got this page up. As i was reading through, i was drinking a cup of hot sweet tea and taking deep breaths. I had also had a spoonful of honey AND 'Voila!' no more heartburn.

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I have had chronic acid reflux heartburn for years. Mainly I've learned not to eat anything too late in the evening to avoid it. Despite my tendency to develop acid reflux heartburn, I really hadn't thought too much about what is actually causing it. Could be different reasons for different folks. Honey is often recommended as a sort of cure-all, and when I read it would stop reflux i kind of scoffed, I thought what's it going to do, smooth over the pain? I did not think it would work. I took one tablespoon of honey after experiencing excruciating acid reflux for several hours, and the acid spikes stopped immediately. I was shocked. Maybe this old problem of mine is not as complicated as I once thought. Somehow the honey acts to either relax and close the esophagus, or it nuetralizes the acid in the stomach. I don't know what it does- but one tablespoon stopped my full blown scorching heartburn immediately. I am 46 y/o- I wish I would have known this trick 30 years ago it would saved a lot of nights sleeping sitting up in bed


Ok, I ate a salad today and when I got home I had a severe case of acid reflux/ heartburn I dont know however, it concerned me because I thought I could be having a heart attack! I took my blood pressure and it was high, my heart rate was rising and I was just scaring myself to the place almost asking my husband to take me to the ER. I took tums they slowly begun to work after waves of 'chest fluxing'. I started feeling better an hour of trying to keep from going to the ER for heartburn. I finally decided to lay down with a little discomfort. So I decided to google and I found this site. I took a tbs of honey and immediatly 'burped' and drinkin hot tea and lemon. I'm still waiting to feel myself again before the salad but at least I'm not going to the ER!

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