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hello, about two months ago I was diagnoised with gh.When I found out it I was completely shocked because I couldnt believe something like this could happen me . I was going in to the doctor for a regular check up and got tested and came back to get my results came back positive. The reason I hurt even more wad because my ex died last yr and he has been my only sexual partner. For the life of me I thought that I wasnt gonna make it. I have had little signs of icthing but that have been all. I am very greatful to GOD that it wasnt anything worse than gh. I know with GODs help I am going to be a living testimony. Stay encouraged.God Bless

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This just really touched me....thank you for posting this.....


Hi. When I married my husband 20 years ago he told me had herpes. Everything was fine till 8 years ago, when I finally contracted it from him. He will have a breakout about once a year now, whereas mine are 3-4 times a year. It gets better with age (and calmness), things will get better and it will become a sideline of your life. I tend to doubt taking any medicines or supplements (lysine) over a long time - if you can learn when the outbreak is coming on, start treating it then to avoid long-term effects from the meds. Bless you and continue your life in God's grace.

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