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Hi everyone...this is a long post, but I wanted to give as much detail and daily progress reports and descriptions to help the reader. In sum, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) method works! Be patient and strong.

I was a 31 yr old virgin and only had one partner when I discovered bumps. I’ve had them for a couple months not thinking much of them since they were painless. But got super stressed last month and they seemed to get more defined in texture over skin and multiply….that’s when I started doing research. I am so lucky I didn’t inadvertently spread them to other body areas since I had no clue! I think what helped is that not knowing what they were and prior to any online research I just took it upon myself to swab the areas with facial astringent once daily thinking it would just clear up and go away. Perhaps the acid in the astringent kept them at bay.

Pre any treatment, warts were pink and skin colored….kind of hard to make out other than bumpy texture. They were obviously elevated over the regular healthy skin and a couple had little growths which is what I initially felt when bathing that alerted me to further inspect the area to see what was going on down there.

Day 1. Bought ACV, cotton balls, hydrogen peroxcide, Vita C chewable tablets, Vita C and E combo pill, and 5-hour energy shots. I have already been taking a multi vita and B6 and B12, cranberry pills, calcium with Vita D daily for years so I just continued with them.

At 4pm I clean area with hydrogen peroxide then apply ACV with taped cotton to area. ACV initially goes on and feels just like any cool liquid on skin…no real burn, just cold.

8pm changed cotton balls and applied new ones with ACV for night. At change…all where bright white with crisp, clear boundaries between each wart and the regular skin. Based on my research I knew at this point I was dealing with warts due to their reaction to the vinegar. In addition, they had a cauliflower like appearance like what I found in my research. At this change I again cleaned with hydrogen peroxide before applying new ACV soaked cotton balls taped to the areas for the night. I had no real pain or discomfort and slept fine. It was just an odd sensation to have cotton balls taped to me was all.

Slept with ACV taped cotton balls to 4 am next day. I had to get up and do some work…I could have slept longer…still no pain at this point.

Day 2

4am At check, all were white, but not as blindingly white as before…noticeably less pronounced..some slight yellowing, some seem to be receding (no longer protruding as bumps instead getting more flat). The color and texture are similar to finger tips when you keep them in water for an extended period….whitish and smooshy looking. They are still defined but not as starkly as yesterday evening. I clean with hydrogen peroxide. Then apply ACV by swabbing on areas, but not taping cotton balls to the area. It burns. I drink a 5 hour energy shot.

I have two cups green tea (flavored).

7:30 – noticeably more yellowing of warts. Not nearly as defined anymore. Some already turning green-grey and others going dark. I shower with antibacterial soap. Clean with hydrogen peroxide and then apply ACV via cotton ball. Really burns. I do not tape cotton to area as I have to go to work. I also put Neosporin over entire area.

Noon. Very noticeable change in appearance! No longer a lot of white…instead some are turning pink, green-grey occurring in areas, and A few small ones are going dark brown…noticeable graying of warts overall. Hard to make out boundaries of warts. Some of the pink ones are blending in with the inflamed surrounding skin. I clean with hydrogen peroxide. Apply ACV. Super burn…but I keep swabbing area for a couple minutes. I let the ACV dry on my skin. I have to grit my teeth and it is hard to sit down…very uncomfortable for about 15 minutes max, then pain subsides.

4:30 pm grey-green color spreading throughout warts more…but not too much change. I think I am over eager and watching them too much at this point. I cleaned area again with hydrogen peroxide and swabbed more ACV on the areas. Burns as bad as last time but not more which is promising. I just let the ACV dry on my skin and wait out the pain. Pain intensifies over next several minutes to point where I fan myself down there which makes pain ease. I have a very high threshold for pain but this treatment intensified so much that I do not think I will be taping cotton of ACV to myself tonight. The pain is quite excruciating. I put Neosporin on the areas to ease the pain and help the skin heal.

11p.m. grey-green color much more noticeable in all wart areas. They almost appear like mucous especially due to the sheen of the Neosporin. The warts seem to be shrinking somewhat as well. The areas are still a little sore. Will not put anything else on areas to give skin chance to heal a little. Slept with just Neosporin on areas.

Day 3

7 am no real change just a little more grey green throughout area. They seem a tad smaller, but I don’t know if I just keep checking them so much that my eyes are playing tricks on me. Soreness from the ACV treatment yesterday is gone.

Honestly, I kind of get depressed that there is no real change at this point especially since so many changes took place yesterday.

9 am I decide it’s time for more ACV. I put this off all morning based on the pain level of using it the last time yesterday. But I want them gone so I brace myself for treatment, I take some toilet paper and soak it in ACV and press it in and on the affected areas. I decided to try toilet paper in case the pain got so bad I needed to just take everything off asap and rinse the area immediately. To my surprise, it only burned a little and not nearly as bad as yesterday. I left the ACV soaked toilet paper in place for an hour and a half. (Using toilet paper rather than taping cotton balls is MUCH easier and the paper stayed in place well though I didn’t move much.)

10:30 am. I remove the toilet paper. All the warts are now white again. I don’t know what to think as I remember other people’s accounts that they should be turning black and falling off. However, even though they are white, they are not snow white like with the very first vinegar treatment and they are no longer defined individual warts….rather it appears they are again losing structural definition, meaning that ones near each other that used to be individual are now melted into each other, which I guess is a good sign. Some new little ones that I discovered by the vinegar method yesterday appear to have totally disappeared even though they were white yesterday and never turned black. I do not know if they fell off as others have noticed or just receded.

Others have said they noticed warts coming off when wiping themselves after using the restroom. I make a point to not rub the area when wiping myself for two reasons: I don’t want to further irritate and rub my already raw skin and I don’t want to risk spreading the virus to nearby healthy tissue. I gently pat myself dry and then swab some hydrogen peroxide all over. I have not yet experienced any pain with urination hitting the affected areas which is actually surprising.

Had cup of green tea and took another dose of 500 mg vita C along with vita E just because.

11 am Encouraged that the ACV toilet paper wasn’t as painful as I was expecting based on yesterday afternoon, at this time I decide to use more sturdy paper towel strips soaked in ACV. I pressed the strips in place and with help of my panties they stay put very well. The burning from the new application of the ACV got pretty painfully intense for about 15 minutes but I stuck it out and then it greatly dissipated. It is now an hour later and I just feel a dull, bearable ache down there.

12:30 I had to use the rest room so my paper towel strips needed to be replaced. I made two fresh ACV soaked strips and applied them to the areas. For first minute I was relieved because there was no pain…but then, wow, pain spiked quickly. It was as excruciating as yesterday afternoon when I couldn’t take it. But this time I forced myself to gut it out. I had to lay down because sitting was impossible and it seemed to help to lay on back with knees elevated. The pain intensified and was nearly unbearable for a good 20 minutes. Felt like fire then subsided to what felt like my whole genital area was badly bruised. I really fought to not take the paper towels off and rinse with water. It is now an hour later and the burning ache is still very there and I cannot sit down comfortably. I am only now able to get up and function again. The only thing that pushed me through the pain was visualizing those warts being burned off of me. No pain, no gain.

3:15 pm. I held off using restroom as long as possible because there was no way I was going to re-apply ACV today again. Now the warts had the appearance of toasted marshmellows….white but many had dark brown, yellowing tops. I think I see areas of faint white rings around pink skin where some very small warts were but can’t see well enough to know if that is where some warts came off or if those are just what dying warts look like. Entire area still very sore. I gently cleaned everything with hydrogen peroxide and applied generous layer of Neosporin. Still uncomfortable when sitting it is that sore.

10:30 pm some of the brown has disappeared from areas…the warts are tending more towards grey than white. They are flatter and seem to be getting smaller. I am noticing just a few pieces of what appear to be both skin colored and dark skin tissue on my toilet paper when I pat myself dry. I am still sore so I just apply more Neosporin for the night.

Day 4

7:30 am Some warts are still tinged with dark brown…others are grey-ish. They are definitely smaller in size. I also notice that it appears all the random newbies that were trying to form around the ground zero outbreak site have disappeared. It now looks like the last hold outs are the bigger warts that were at the initial site of the outbreak. They were the biggest I guess because they are the oldest. I cleaned with hydrogen peroxide took a breath and braced myself for the ACV. I soaked some toilet paper to apply to the areas. Shockingly, while it did burn…it was not nearly as bad as yesterday. I tried to visualize the ACV burning through them.

9:15 am All the warts turned whitish again in response to the vinegar. The ones that were topped with brown are now going blackish. It looks like there are small, shallow, yellowish little craters where some warts used to be. I don’t know if that is what it looks like when they fall off or if they just die and recede. I am noticing small red dots size of a pin head here and there which appears to be blood. There are still some stubborn warts in the initial outbreak area which are not yellow yet. However, in comparison to pictures I took before and after first treatment…entire area is much better looking: warts are diminishing in size and some are now gone. I am about to shower so I rubbed a little antibacterial body wash over the entire affected area to sit there awhile. After shower, cleaned area with hydrogen peroxide and applied Neosporin.

Day 5.

Unexpectedly out of town. Did absolutely nothing but shower. Took no vitamins. I didn’t have ability to inspect the area so I cant report on their appearance at all. Right before bed I applied a swabbing of ACV to the areas, but it burned too badly to leave soaked toilet paper on areas so just let it air dry and went to bed.

Day 6.

11:30 am No brown or yellowing…area is all flesh colored and warts have receded substantially, and at first glance I thought the area was completely healed since everything looked so clear. I noticed dark pieces on toilet paper. Also, the area looks substantially better! On closer inspection, many are gone, there are the last bit of a few big ones right on the initial outbreak site, but they are much smaller and flatter and appear to be receding even more. I applied ACV soaked paper towels strips to the areas. It burned and was uncomfortable but not very painful.

4:15 pm Removed ACV paper towels. Area is definitely looking better with just the oldest biggest warts still noticeable…but they are continually diminishing in size and texture. No browning or yellowing of area…just white in response to the ACV treatment. Skin surrounding the initial outbreak areas which once had small to mid-size warts now looks completely healed. Cleaned area with hydrogen peroxide and applied Neosporin.

Day 7

7 am. Noticeable difference throughout entire area. Many have gone…just the initial bigger ones seem to persist at the initial outbreak sites..I guess because they are older and maybe deeper? Even they have receded a lot. It appears they have little growths which seem to be the most resistant to my efforts. The area almost feels smooth to the touch except for the little growths. All is pretty much skin colored except the little growths which are white. I swabbed on some antibacterial body soap to soak in a little before I shower.

Shaved over them. Afterwards it looks like razor took off some of the warts skin leaving several bright fushia raw spots. I cleaned area with hydrogen peroxide and put Neosporin over area-scared to use ACV since it looks raw.

Day 8

9:30 am Wow. Entire area looks healed!! There is some redness in areas where skin was raw and healing. I see no big warts at all! I do see a few very tiny baby ones here and there but nothing like what I had. I cleaned area with hydrogen peroxide and applied ACV soaked paper towels. I refuse to stop treatment until every little sign is gone. The ACV slightly tingles the area kind of like what an itch would feel like…no burning, no discomfort at all anymore. I am thinking it is because the skin is mostly healed and there are few warts being attacked at this point.

I am so happy with the results! 8 days of worry and pain…but it was worth it. I am confident in next day or so all will be gone. I wish you all luck with your cases as well!

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Thank you for your detailed progress report. It's inspiring to know you've achieved such great results in such a short time. I like the paper towel idea. I imagine I will emulate your approach. Please keep us posted on post-treatment experience. Thanks again!




Thank you for the details. Keeps me motivated as I follow the ACV. Please give us update.
Iam in my fourth day and the burning Pain is So unbearable. The itch is insane and I cant barely leave the ACV just for a minute or two.

Thank you again.

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