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for the past few months my 2 children have been on home bound( due to other health issues ) and have not been around any other children, then my son was cleared to go back to school, today when he came in he was scratching like a mad man so i sat him down and checked his hair i was livid to see that he had lice! i called the school and just barley caught the principal, told her what i found and all she said was to keep him home for the next 24 hours then he can return, i asked her what she was planning to do and she said nothing unless we see the kids scratching, i think this is funny because they didnt see when i my oldest daughter was almost being set on fire anyway, since he is a boy i did buzz his head to the scalp and i am currently treating the house, i checked my daughter and nothing but i will treat her with denerax/cocnut combo to be on the safe side

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Im sorry but he wouldnt be 'scratching like mad' after one day of having it!


this goes out to krp, untill u live in my house then u can not sya what happened to my kid so y get on here and rebutt what people say, live my life then u can but untill then go away


Dont knock it until you try it. and ofcourse if its not for you. What are you doing on this page. Some of us are serious about getting our children claned up. If your child goes to a public school and you dont care about keeping your child clean keep your child away from mine. Because unfortunetly just because you wqnt to live your own life, our lives is making the best of it since we all lshare this earth we all need to care about what affects your child can affect mine. Thank God you are not my neighbor and attending the same schools, unfortunetly If there are people like you I am saure there is more everywhere in the Earth. anyway God bless you, and hope you get some better common secnce and wisdom instilled into you life, because we all need it. Bye

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