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I have had a plantar wart on the ball of my foot for three years without knowing what it really was. I had experienced no discomfort, but I went to my doctor anyway because I was curious. He recommended surgery that would involve huge knives and me being unconscious. As anybody would do, I freaked out. I left the office and found this website. Here is my progress:

Day 1:
I wash my foot thoroughly and place duct tape over the wart. I then secure the duct tape with strong medical tape and go to bed

Day 2:
I put clear nail polish on the wart, which is slightly smaller now. (remember the wart is a contagious virus! I would recommend that you pour some nail polish in a cup and use a q-tip to apply it because as you place the brush on your wart you're reinfecting yourself) I then cover the nail polish and wart with nail polish.

Day 3: I continue the nail polish method. The menace is getting smaller!

Day 4: Nail polish method continues, but this time I wrap my foot in Saran Wrap also.

Day 5: Continue nail polish, but I forget to put on the duct tape.

Day 6:
By now I am getting ridiculously impatient. After my shower I pick the halo around the wart off. Then I file down the wart until it is bleeding. After that I soak up the blood with a tissue, and wait for the wart to scab over. Then I put more nail polish on.

Day 7:
I put colored nail polish on the wart and cover with duct tape while the paint is still wet. The wart is almost level with my skin now! I'm so excited! :)
Day 7:

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This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard, my dad had a planters wart and picked it to the point of bleeding and actually got severe blood poising. Also nail polish has formaldehyde in it, and your skin would absorb that up through your feet and entering it into your blood stream.

Go to the DR. And do NOT listen to idiots with a key board!

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